Analox Sensor Technology

'From 370km above the earth to 11,000m under sea.'

With a strapline that says, 'From 370km above the earth to 11,000m under sea,' Analox Sensor Technology certainly delivers on all fronts in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers. Its team of experts are an acknowledged authority on the monitoring of gases in all branches of the diving industry, from sport to military applications. So much so that the Analox name has become identified with safety, security, confidence and reliability whilst looking after the air you breathe.

Analox Sensor Technology has been providing niche and custom gas detectors and sensors since 1981, thriving on providing the best solutions for its customers.

AST's services and products are clearly laid out on the site and you can search the site by industry or gas type, where information is written in an accessible vernacular. From commercial diving, in the laboratory to scuba diving, this high tech equipment will monitor depths, pressure and gas readings.


Analox Sensor Technology caters to the needs of scuba divers, whether newly qualified or a seasoned veteran, ensuring that the gas mix in their tanks is correct for safe diving. Its scuba diving equipment includes a gas analyser package, both for the individual diver, scuba schools, filling stations and shops.

All Analox scuba analysers are tried and tested, with some even being NATO coded. With a long life and minimal running costs, Analox analysers ensure nitrox, trimix and air divers are safe throughout the world.

October 2014