Adventure Worldwide

Adrenaline junkies can get off the beaten track with the help of this adventure holiday specialist.

Adrenaline junkies can really get off the beaten track with the help of Adventure Worldwide, specialists in adventure holidays. These are trips that will show you the world by taking you out into the landscape and bringing you closer to local culture.


There are umpteen ways adventurers can get their thrills with these adrenaline fuelled holidays, whether it be mountain climbing, cycling, rafting, trekking - or simply striking out into the wilderness. Adventure Worldwide offers a variety of trips to a dazzling array of countries. Perhaps you long to experience some of India’s world-famous festivals, track Gorillas in Uganda or stay in a yurt with Kyrgyz nomads - all of these experiences could be yours. The inspiration section is there to help you out with ideas - otherwise, pick your country of choice and browse through the adventure holiday options.


It is entirely up to you how adventurous you want to be. There are different adventure and physical gradings applied to each trip, ranging from ‘Quite Adventurous’ and ‘Easy’ to 'Really Out There' and ‘Strenuous’. Obviously, some of Adventure Worldwide trips are NOT for the faint-hearted….so make sure that you read the trip dossiers carefully!

Adventure Worldwide is part of the Chameleon Worldwide travel group - so, even if you can’t quite find your perfect holiday here, there is every chance that it can be achieved with a little help from the tailor-made travel experts at Chameleon Worldwide.

December 2013