We catch up with the founders of the company specialising in cool clothing for boys (and tomboys) from threenagers to teenagers.

Five Boys Clothing specialises in cool clothing for boys (and tomboys) from threenagers to teenagers.

How long have you been in business?

We are approaching six years

Your background...

Our only real experience was being mothers’ of boys. We were fed up with the lack of choice on the high street so at first we started sourcing independent brands and then after the first couple of years we had the confidence to lead with our own ideas. The boys in our lives give us a lot of feedback on their likes and dislikes and it is amazing, now that there are six boys between us, how different their tastes are. We have always tried to focus on the tween / teen age which is so under represented when it comes to boy’s clothing.

What have you learned from the current crisis a propos of your business?

That home schooled children need clothing! I think we feel lucky that because of the recent economic climate and our growing families, we spent last year streamlining our business, simplifying it wherever we could and bringing our supply chains as close as possible. This time last year we would be gearing up for Spring and Summer fairs, traveling all over the country and ordering stock six months plus in advance. Instead we are focusing almost solely on our website.

What are you doing differently to run your business?

We are not going to the post office as often! Fortunately our very loyal customers understand that everything is taking a little longer than normal. We are also taking this time to breath and be with our families. Both of our husbands work flat out so we are currently full-time school teachers with an online business in the background.

What tech/platforms have helped you during lockdown... ie using zoom to talk to clients etc?

Zoom…. Houseparty but I forgot to lock the room once so had an awkward moment when friends burst in to a work call! Actually we have regressed and use that thing called the landline, mainly because our children need to use all the wifi devices! I have downloaded a bird calls app which keeps the children enthralled during long walks.

Business advice you'd give to other owners to help get through the crisis?

It is corny but ‘This too will pass.’ We are all in this together and people are even more willing to help so just ask.

How are you coping with lockdown, when you're not working?

Mainly home schooling and wine and not necessarily in that order.

Are you taking virtual exercise classes?

Erm yes of course! Daily Om have some great courses and you pay what you want to pay. Perhaps we will never go to the gym again. Sophia is a big outdoor swimmer and she misses it dearly but is rowing instead (inside). We are both walking a great deal.

If you've had time for some retail therapy, which website/s have you visited?

Lockdown has made me desperate for a dog. Apparently it is a thing. So I spend a lot of time looking at puppies on sites I shouldn’t let myself look at. Sophia is restocking her kitchen with gadgets and exploring specialist food delivery services like Pasta Evangelists.

May 2020