We find out about the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that has been designed with small and mid-sized businesses in mind.

Really Simple Systems is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which has been designed for small and mid-sized businesses, who want a simple, easy to use online CRM sales, support and marketing system. The website has been designed to reflect this simple/accessible approach by providing a clear and simple messages to guide both its existing customers and new website visitors. We catch up with Nick Leong to find out more...

When did you launch the site?

The new Really Simple Systems website launched on the 22nd of August 2019

What are your greatest challenges?

The old Really Simple Systems website was launched back in 2006 and had legacy content that needed reviewing. The old website was poorly optimised and heavily customised, this required us to develop the new website from the bottom up in Word Press.

What's your background?

My background is rooted in technology industries. Currently I work as a Digital Marketing Executive for Really Simple Systems and I am responsible for managing many parts of the website, including on and off page SEO, content, and analytics.

Who do you admire in business?

I admire any entrepreneur who has had the insight and the ability to build a business from scratch in crowded industries. I could name well known entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, however, I admire the Really Simple Systems MD and Founder John Paterson, as he not only has built a successful company, it also has an amazing work environment.

Please recommend a website and / or app that helps you promote or run your business or that you simply couldn't live without.

The review website Capterra It’s great for potential leads to read our customer reviews and the website also promotes our brand in blogs and is one of our PPC campaigns.

Do you have a favourite business podcast?

I enjoy listening to comedy podcasts which won’t help you here!

What is the best piece of digital advice you've been given in regards to your showcasing/running your business online?

To always consider what a web visitors’ intention is! If your website or
website pages do not provide what they came to find, you’ve wasted their time and yours!

Your favourite instagrammer...

Our customer VisitAberdeenshire has fantastic photos of the Scottish landscape

What is your motto?

Keeping CRM simple!

Where do you see the business going from here?

We see the release of our new website as a launching pad for a new era of Really Simple Systems, helping businesses discover the CRM while expanding our influence in the crowded CRM environment.

Have you put your company forward for an award before?

Plenty! We’ve been nominated for software, small business awards and more! But we’ve never had an opportunity to boast about our website!

September 2019