Caroline Rochell talks about building her leather jacket brand, that's just a little bit different.

Pretty Special was launched as a creative and functional website to offer leather jackets that are just a little bit different. It’s a personal platform as well as a business where Journals are published to show the journey. We talk to founder, Caroline Rochell to find out more.

From concept to launch I wanted the website to look editorial. Using my background, I was lucky enough to travel the world, enabling me to use all the exciting elements of decoration and trims to include into the designs of the jackets.

Pretty Special launched on the 10th November 2017. Immediately I was aware that we are a little fish in a big pond, full of big commercial companies with all the investment to be heard. Aware of these challenges, big milestones have still been achieved, seeing ladies wearing our jackets. It’s important to us to remain unique, offering investment pieces which are Forever Fashion.

From my career in fashion buying and now styling, I was able to use my background and travels to develop Pretty Special.

I admire anyone in business who decides to set up on their own. It isn’t for the faint hearted. I love it when I hear of success stories. Everyone who is doing this deserves a recommendation. Instagram is a massive platform for Pretty Special and it’s certainly not a task. The interaction and inspiration on Insta are everything. I'm loving ladies like Doesmybumlook40 and Wearsmymoney brings daily joy.

For anyone who is going into this I would suggest, keep going, if you stop, don’t; just keep going. Put yourself out there. Celebrate any break throughs no matter how small. When you look back, you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come. I’ve used Instagram to promote and talk about my company.

The most influential podcasts and websites are the ones that tell a story. The podcast of Rachel Bland, Lauren Mahon and Deborah James You, Me and the Big C. It's gutsy, truthful, funny are relatable and inspiring. The website Desmond and Dempsey are one of my favourites, unique, individual and of course desirable PJs. For interiors. I love Alex Stedman's, The Frugality again for taking us all on a journey or redesigning her house.

PS has never been entered for an award before. I’m doing what I love.

I'm hoping for years of building the jacket range and taking our customers on a journey with us.

July 2019