Winner of the Small Business category in this year's GWG Awards, we caught up with company founder, Kate Peers to find out more.

Department Store for the Mind is a place to explore the world inside your head: a vast and unique terrain of thoughts, ideas, emotions and memories. The company designs homeware, gifts, stationery and prints that enable a deeper human connection. The products inspire simple actions so that you may be content with yourself and live well. Founder, Kate Peers tells us more...

What was the inspiration for the site?

We think the journey into our own minds is the most challenging but worthwhile adventure any of us can embark on. As with any great adventure, it helps to have good kit. Our products are designed to help you navigate your inner landscape, discovering and celebrating your best capacities.

When did you launch?

We launched in 2015, with a wonderful pop-up shop in Old Street Station in London, it was the perfect way to engage with our new customers from the beginning and to get feedback on the products, we were overwhelmed by peoples responses.

What are your greatest challenges?

Retailing at a time where consumers are making a shift in their buying habits. There is a move away from buying things because we like them, to only buying when we need something. Luckily, our products can help people in their day to day lives and our best sellers such as the ten deep breaths bracelet will always sell, because it helps people in their day to day life to slow down and breathe.

What's your background?

I am a writer and have worked in marketing for many years, I especially love helping small businesses with their social media and online content, bringing their stories to life. I am passionate about mental health issues and especially with our children and write about this subject frequently. Ruth is a psychologist and writer and brings her expertise to all the product development.

Who do you admire in business?

I admire Holly Tucker, I have seen her set up Not On The High Street and run that successfully, the first of its kind ten years ago. Now she is helping small businesses with her venture Holly & Co and has just announced the Holly Entrepreneur School to teach the future generation about how to do things differently, she is amazing.

Please recommend a website and / or app that helps you promote or run your business or that you simply couldn't live without.

I couldn't live without Instagram. It allows us to have daily conversations with our customers. We see it as an extension of our website and feel so fortunate to be able to use.

Do you have a favourite business podcast?

I listen to all of the Holly Tucker podcasts. My favourite one was with Jonny Boden, I cried when I listened to it and his advice was so brilliant I listened again. I also like listening to Rich Roll, I have learnt a huge amount from him.

What is the best piece of digital advice you've been given in regards to your showcasing/running your business online?

Keep changing your key words. SEO is key when it comes to being seen online and behind the scenes in that meta data, there is a huge opportunity to be seen more frequently with the right key words that are updated monthly.

What is your motto?

We want to help make peoples daily life that little bit better. Every parcel is packaged with kindness, knowing that it will head to a home and make a little difference to someone, life is all about the little differences.

Where do you see the business going from here?

We love writing our books and hope to bring two more out in 2020. We are currently looking at a few new products to help people on the move.

Have you put your company forward for an award before?

No, we haven't.

November 2019