The multi-award-winning company mobile and desktop app that turns photos into cards and gifts.

TouchNote is a multi-award-winning mobile and desktop app that turns your pictures into gorgeous photo cards and gifts. In a world where digital photos and messages disappear or are quickly forgotten, TouchNote is giving people a more thoughtful way to keep in touch and share memories in a lasting, meaningful way. Its core value is to help people be their most thoughtful selves. We talk to Managing Director, Dan Ziv to find out more.

What was the inspiration behind the website?
We wanted to create an effortless experience that allowed parents, grandparents and users of all ages to create tangible memories on the go. There was nothing out there that was truly mobile. TouchNote is.

When did you launch the site?
The TouchNote app was launched in 2007, and we focused mainly on postcards. Now we offer products such as greetings cards, canvases, photo books, and most recently our fantastic Gallery Frames; we are all about sharing special memories.

What are your greatest challenges?
At TouchNote we are all about the people; we work really hard to create an awesome company culture and take our hiring process very seriously. Ultimately hiring the best people at TouchNote is one of the biggest challenges we face.

Please recommend a website and / or app that you simply couldn't live without
I think one of the most important things I do that allows me to function at my peak is a daily dose of meditation. I use Headspace a lot and it allows me to focus and find the time I need to reset and focus.

Do you have a favourite business podcast?
I'm not a huge podcast guy, but love this one called Hardcore History. I’m more of an audio book guy though.

What is the best piece of digital advice you've been given?
I was told once 'To focus relentlessly on creating value for our customers' and that’s what we’ve done. We may not always be the cheapest solution out there but we will always be the best value.

What is your motto?
Keep in TouchNote

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August 2018