Founded in Paris in August 2013 by Wilfried Granier and Yann Léguillon, Superprof is a platform connecting students and tutors in the sharing economy.

After four and a half years Superprof now boasts over three million tutors, teachers, coaches, musicians and artists across its platforms. In 2017 alone, Superprof helped four million students find their perfect tutor in nineteen different countries. Founders, Wilfried Granier and Yann Léguillon fill in the detail of their fast growing company.

What was the inspiration for the company?
Superprof wants to promote learning and human interaction, and the benefits of increased social capital this brings. By creating a platform for tutors to express their individual skills and styles of teaching, we have helped the world of tutoring and learning to evolve, an approach that celebrates the diversity of subjects as well as individuals and dynamic teaching methods.

When did you launch the site?
Superprof was launched in the summer of 2013 in France and has since expanded to twenty-one countries globally, in seven different languages. We boast over three million tutors, and hundreds of thousands of connections every week.

What are your greatest challenges?
In such a fast growing company, maintaining the company culture and promoting a close knit group of people is difficult, especially as we become more culturally diverse. In the last year alone we have doubled our team size to forty-six people and count twenty different nationalities among them.

What's your background?
Both Superprof’s founders, Will and Yann, are from engineering/consultancy backgrounds and came together in 2013 to form Superprof. We have been bootstrapped from the beginning with no rounds of funding nor stake sold. We have maintained 100% ownership and 100% creative and business control.

Who do you admire in business?
Elon Musk - for the faith he has in what he does and the financial risks he takes in following his goals, no matter how un-achievable they seemed at the start.

Please recommend a website and / or app that helps you promote or run your business or that you simply couldn't live without.
SimilarWeb - for predicting market movements and comparing our performance against competitors. The tool is invaluable for moving into new markets.

Do you have a favourite business podcast?
TechOff - A podcast run by Les Echos, who interviews different startups about their journey to success. They discuss what inspires them, what pushes them to innovate and take risks. They also examine the key to their successes, their obstacles and what they understand the future to hold.

What is the best piece of digital advice you've been given in regards to your showcasing/running your business online?
Always take baby steps when making changes to your business and employ a process of test and learn. Make a small change, test its impact and either keep or remove, before moving on to the next development. This is applied to everything we use, tools, products, promotions, acquisition channels, website features etc.

What is your motto?
Sharing knowledge is the key to happiness and learning

Where do you see the business going from here?
In the next year we wish to enter the top 100 visited sites in France, continue to double our traffic, revenue, and user base as we have done every year since 2013.

Have you put your company forward for an award before? If so, please let us know which one.
Superprof won the Audience Prize at VivaTech in 2016. We were also ranked 133rd on the Financial Times 1000 list for Europe's Fastest Growing Companies in May 2018 and ranked 33rd on the Les Champions de la Croissance 2018 list for French business growth.

June 2018