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Lizzie Loves Healthy is a blog of deliciously easy, nutrient packed recipes that everyone can feast on, with tips and tricks on how to keep families happy and healthy. Founder Lizzie King fills in the detail...

What was the inspiration for the company?
I had two small children and I was exhausted trying to find interesting and healthy foods that my kids would eat as well as my husband.

When did you launch the site?
October 2015, with a homemade bounty bar as the first recipe!

What are your greatest challenges?
Keeping some separation between my work and my life. My life is often my work and I live for food and sharing it with friends and family but I need to get better at assigning times for phone focus and children’s days attention.

What's your background?
Not a linear one! I did Russian at University and then worked in film as a script editor on Harry Potter as well as others. Getting pregnant made me focus on what I was eating so much more, it felt far weightier than just fuelling me for the day. I did a nutrition course and a course at Leith’s to set up Vitalove, selling meals for families that were exciting and healthy and instant!

After my third child my thyroid packed up and I was in a bad way, so I started my Instagram account and website to share the recipes. I then got a book deal and am so thrilled that my first book became an Amazon bestseller this year!

Who do you admire in business?
Renée Elliott the founder of Planet Organic has stuck by her principles of offering the best organic foods in beautiful spaces in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

Please recommend a website and / or app that helps you promote or run your business or that you simply couldn't live without
MailChimp is in charge of my newsletters and lists of people who sign up for different things and I couldn’t live without it!

Do you have a favourite business podcast?
How I Built This. Always inspiring and fascinating, from Bobbi Brown to Airbnb creator Brian Chesky there’s a story behind everything and it all started somewhere with grit and determination.

What is the best piece of digital advice you've been given in regards to your showcasing/running your business online?
My web designer, who is a great friend and now trains people in how to grow their online presence, said the most crucial thing was that I could do it all myself. I’m not a tech head at all but I can now do everything on my website from uploading new posts and recipes and pictures to updating widgets. I can now do it all and that makes it so much easier in a drama.

What is your motto?
My Dad said this so many times we rolled our eyes at each other but I’m fully subscribed now! "Don’t Mock Honest Effort." Nothing beats hard graft and it should be applauded and never derided as we did at school!

Where do you see the business going from here?
I have a few things in the pipeline and I can’t talk about them annoyingly, but always pushing the message and making it easier for families to eat better and stay healthy in whatever form that takes; books, recipes or my website and newsletter.

Have you put your company forward for an award before? If so, please let us know which one.
I won the Asquith Bloggers Award last year for Food and Wellbeing website. But no, I haven’t applied for any others.

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September 2018