Kymberlee Jay talks about DoodleDirect and its creative visual communication solutions, for brands and businesses seeking to better engage with their audiences.

DoodleDirect is a gateway for small and large businesses to understand more about visual comms, see how they can apply it to their own business and then work with the company to create an animation that achieves their objectives. we caught up with founder, Kymberlee Jay to find out more...

What was the inspiration for the site?

The site was designed to convey our creativity, confidence and enthusiasm for strong visual communication. There wasn’t a particular point of inspiration, though the “paper plane” graphic featuring throughout is a reference to my earlier days of doodling ideas on sheets of paper then folding them into planes and throwing them across the room! I wanted the site to stay relatively simple, with consistent calls to action – I understand that animated content and the concept of visual communications might be seen as quite difficult to understand, but I wanted the site to appeal to those with little knowledge in these areas and encourage them to get in touch. The colours are dark and rich to represent the breadth of our knowledge and resonate with some of the more traditional business clients we wish to communicate with.

When did you launch the site?

The website launched in January 2017, after a redevelopment phase from our first website which launched in March 2015.

What are your greatest challenges?

Finding the right balance of graphic and text content to allow us to communicate with our more corporate audience. We’re a creative agency style business with a focus on creating content for finance and legal organisations, and so we need to show that we can understand and communicate the more formal verticals of business whilst championing visual communication as a tool.

What's your background?

My background is in choreography and entertainment, but this led me to having to learn about digital as in previous years I couldn’t afford to have a high-end web designer build for me, so I learned the basics of HTML back in 2008 and designed my own websites for me as a choreographer. I then became familiar with WordPress and continued to build my own websites including the first three versions of the DoodleDirect site however the most recent version was done in partnership with web builder and coder Christopher Hart.

Who do you admire in business?

Anyone who started from the ground up and made it happen! Business requires tenacity, even more so if you’re bootstrapping whilst facing the typical obstacles that many entrepreneurs struggle with even if they have seed capital/investment. I am particularly inspired by Phil Knight and Oprah Winfrey, as well as Jan Koum of WhatsApp. I am also an avid follower of both Seth Godin and Simon Sinek.

Please recommend a website that helps you promote or run your business

The backbone of the DoodleDirect business is the project management application Basecamp, it allows the business to run seamlessly in a virtual capacity. My team are global but Basecamp allows us to communicate effectively and operate the business from anywhere in the world as if we shared an office space.

What is the best piece of business advice you've been given?

“Get out there and do it! If it works, you win. If it doesn’t work, you’ll learn something and so, you win. Get out of being in your own way.” – that advice was given to me many years ago by a dear friend and mentor Andy Annett. It was all about getting stuck in and growing through learning. It’s definitely made me who I am today!

What is your motto?

Nothing worth having is easy.

Where do you see the business going from here?

I am excited to expand the business to offer creative, cost-effective visual communications solutions to clients worldwide. We are now setting up our second base in New York and I look forward to being able to grow the DoodleDirect business in the North American market.

Have you entered an award before?


Where did you hear about the GWG Awards?

One of my team members flagged it up and we thought, why not?

July 2017