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Will King: Web Profile

Will King, King of Shaves and judge in our Website of the Year Awards 2011, reveals how he uses technology.

A master brand builder and entrepreneur, and a judge in our Website of the Year Awards 2011, Will King founded the male grooming brand King of Shaves in 1993, developing a range of products to give a smooth, close and burn free shave. It is now the second largest brand of shaving software in the UK and its products are sold in over 30000 stores worldwide. The company is expected to have a turnover of around £200m by 2012. We caught up with Will to find out more about how he uses technology.

1) Mac or PC? Mac.

So much I do is on the apple ecosystem, makes sense.

2) iPhone or Blackberry?

See Q1!

3) Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Firefox. It's faster.

4) Facebook or Twitter?

Both. My approach is to alert with twitter and discuss with Facebook.

5) Free-for-all or paywall?

Mmm. Depends on content quality. I do subscribe to The Times on iPad.

6) Gmail or other mail?

Gmail. Just cos I've had it ages.

7) Google or Yahoo?

Google. Way better.

8) Wordpress or eblogger?

Wordpress. Again, because I've used it for ages.

9) Mostly online or often offline?

I conduct my business life online and my private life offline.

10) Technophile or technophobe?

Technophile. Embrace the future, it's coming at you at lightspeed.

11) As a judge, what are you looking for in The Good Web Guide's Website of the Year this year?

Innovation, Interaction, Content & Consumer relevance.

5th July 2011