Definitely worth a good long look for anybody considering a ranch holiday or wanting to learn about ranches and ranching.

Yee ha cowboy! This worldwide ranch headquarters site was founded by Gene Kilgore, author of the best-selling book Gene Kilgore's Ranch Vacations - The Complete Guide to Guest and Resort, Fly-fishing and Country Skiing Ranches. The site is an exciting guide that definitely inspires you to get right out on the trail. Once that's decided there are over a hundred ways to do it including yoga, wagon trips, rock climbing, Native American interest, naturalist, rodeo, luxury, and special tours for big or heavy riders. There are also hundreds of ranch locations including one in Mongolia. The site lists each ranch with a thoroughly descriptive write-up providing all the necessary information, including phone numbers for booking. There is also a worldwide ranch and lodge interactive map. The site is easily trawlable and understandable.


Travel launches directly into ranch definitions and selection and then allows browsing by travel category or ranch type (executive conference, dude, working cattle, family etc). From Travel one can also link to the excellent For Kids and Travel Specials pages with substantially discounted holiday offers.