Ultimate Luxury Chalets

For the perennial snow bunny on the look out for some seriously high spec luxury.

There are ways to enjoy the winter (blustering winds, rain and city smog are certainly not high on our wish list), but if you’re the perennial snow bunny on the look out for some seriously high spec luxury then there’s a different way to indulge and that’s Ultimate Luxury Chalets, the site where the name just about says it all.

Chalet Mon Ibiza, Verbier


Well it’s more of a question of what isn’t on offer; luxury ski chalets that you certainly won’t see on the open market, all housed on a beautifully elegant domain, that echoes the very principles held so close to the hearts of those who prize exclusivity, winter sports and the clean fresh air of the mountains above all else.


The dream doesn’t come cheap, but for those of you who have dodged the fiery bullet of the recession and are looking for the perfect environment in which to indulge in a little quality time with friends or family, then this is the site for you. It’s all about catering to your every whim – whether it’s a glamorous party chalet you’re after or a bastion of understated chic in one of the world's most sought after resorts.

Chalet Edelweiss, Courchevel 1850


Are not for the faint hearted, especially if you’re one of the heli-skiing aficionados who’s up at the crack of dawn, climbing up the Stairway to Heaven in search of the lap of the Gods. If extreme sports is your thing, then you’ll want nothing more than the refined surroundings of high luxury, full of attentive staff in order to relax after a hard day pounding the world’s best off piste runs.


We have to say the list is just endless, whether it’s Verbier (for a few Prince Harry sightings) or Veysonnaz for a more remote experience, or Courchevel, Meribel or Val D’Isere for those of you passionate about the French side of the Alps. Facilities include swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, treatment rooms, whilst fine dining and prestigious wines are also on offer. Meanwhile the team (under the expert tutelage of Managing Director Andy Castle) at Ultimate Luxury Chalets has made a commitment never to list more than 100 chalets on the site, in their bid to preserve top notch customer service.


For the high rollers amongst you, or those looking for a once in a lifetime experience, then this is a destination domain. For the rest us of, well we can still dream...

November 2015