Exciting and unusual places to stay around the world, from boutique hotels to eco-retreats, stunning house rentals and hip hideaways.

i-escape is an insider’s guide to unforgettable places to stay. Our hand-picked collection features everything from boutique hotels to eco-retreats, as well as stunning house rentals, safari lodges and chic city apartments in some of the most fascinating locations. The team have experienced them all in person, chosen only their favourites and described them in first-hand detail. The award-winning booking system gives you the best of all worlds: direct dialogue with the property, free advice from travel experts, and the best prices on the web.

i-escape also has a 900-strong selection of family-friendly hotels and rentals, because it understands that you still want to stay in beautiful boutique hotels when you become a parent. It has given them all a child-friendliness rating and listed the facilities and equipment that’ll help make your holiday run smoothly.


Highly selective: Too much choice and not enough time? i-escape knows the feeling. That's why it's done the work for you, scouring the globe for those little gems which are so hard to find, and so worth it when you do.

Value for money: It guarantees you will pay the same as if you book the hotel directly or through any other website - and often less. It has hundreds of special offers, many of them exclusive, and extra perks when you arrive (room upgrades, Champagne etc).

Multi-searchable: The search has the widest range of criteria out there - heated pool, baby gear, pets welcome, good surfing, you name it!

Detailed & opinionated: i-escape tells it like it is - highs, lows and everything in between. Favourite rooms, best dinner options, activities for kids - you won't find the same honesty and detail on any other site.

To browse or search the whole collection of plays to stay, visit i-escape.com or for the Kids Collection, see i-escape.com/kids

Updated August 2017