Book the best hotel room deals for city breaks and business.

If you’re looking for a hotel in any number of cities across the world, Gekko is a slick hotel recommendation engine that can help you in your search.


The concept is simple: simply tell Gekko your favourite hotel and it will show you similar hotels in the world’s top destinations. For example, if you are looking for a hotel in New York that is like the Sanderson Hotel, a five-star design hotel in London, Gekko will recommend a number of similar design hotels in New York. You can then narrow the search by entering your arrival and departure dates and the facilities you would like to have at your hotel. Each listing is accompanied by a choice of images, the price and a number of stars, and visitors can click to find similar hotels, add the hotel to their address book or book the hotel there and then.


Recently Gekko has launched save@gekko, a new service which allows travellers to collect travel-based links, information and destinations whilst browsing the web, and make direct comparisons between hotels while finding the right hotel at the best available price. The service works by emailing links and travel information to Gekko then stores all collected information in a single profile, which is thereafter used as the basis for suggesting highly personalised recommendations for future hotel bookings.

Click ‘show map’ to see all your shortlisted hotels on a map and ‘view all prices’ to compare rates on all major travel sites and find the best deal. By joining the Gekko community, visitors can create their own Address Book, recommend places and view others recommendations and address books. A list of ‘hotspots’ accompanies each city, which helps to guide visitors to the best areas when choosing a hotel.

15 June 2010