Hip hotels with a heart - see new eco travel site Bouteco by a founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith.

Can sustainability be sexy? Yes, if you ask Juliet Kinsman, a founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith, who has set up the much hyped new travel site, Bouteco.co, featuring design-led, cool properties that are eco. The site, still in early stages, will compile the most stylish sustainable hotels in the world. It has already been dubbed ‘The perfect site for the eco-luxury traveller’ in The Independent's 50 Best Travel Websites.

‘There are lots of websites and references steering you to hip hotels but none that combine style and sustainability,’ says Juliet who has spent the last two decades travelling the world and staying in remarkable hotels, inns and lodges. She penned the Louis Vuitton City Guides for London and New York and writes travel stories for The Telegraph and Conde Nast Traveller. ‘Bouteco wants to reposition “Sustainability” as a label and create a network where hoteliers can connect with each other to support each other’s projects and encourage their like-minded guests to travel to similar stays.’ She has a BA in Social Anthropology and has been accepted to study for an MSc in Sustainable Development at SOAS University. Juliet coined the term Bouteco to merge the two worlds of luxury boutique and eco-sensibility.

Juliet’s co-founder is eco expert, Holly Tuppen, who set off on an around-the-world-without-flying adventure in 2008. She sailed, cycled, walked and hitchhiked the world’s most epic oceans, deserts and mountain ranges. Along the way, Holly documented her travels in one of the first ecotourism blogs. Holly returned to spread the word about green travel through marketing for Green Traveller, freelance writing for The Ecologist, Responsible Travel and The Guardian and as editor of Green Hotelier, part of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP). She has an MA from Oxford in Modern History.

‘The website is being built now but the end result will be an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise to make it easier for consumers to find the most stylish, sustainable hotels in the world,’ says Juliet. ‘It will encourage luxury travelers to have great escapes, while being greener and more responsible and, I hope, will also inspire other hoteliers to consider ways in which they could be sustainable.’

August 2017