Things to do before you draw your penultimate breath. is a listings service for companies selling activities, from basket weaving to helicopter flying. If you have nothing to do, no ideas of your own, and are desperate to have someone point you in the direction of an intriguing use of your time, you could do worse than start here. 


Browsing the site is simple. On the homepage you can search for activities by location, type and date. There are listings all around the world. Once you find something that you like – yoga in the French Alps for instance – you can then buy your activity through the site. is colourful, fun to use, and, given its images of people having intense pleasure in lovely surroundings, designed to make you spend hundreds of pounds you don’t have on that cake making course in Bavaria you always wanted to go on. 


In recent years there has been a strange trend for cataloguing. The 101 classics you must pretend to have read in order to appear sufficiently intellectually sophisticated; the 1000 films you must see before you die; the 267 varieties of coffee bean you must try before fifty. Our endless inventories of taste, mood and desire, suggest that having killed off God and replaced spirituality with Paul McKenna, we continue to yearn for a transcendent experience which will defy the cold dominance of reason. is in the business of linking you to that once in a lifetime moment which is, surely, just around the corner. But what will you do when you've experienced it? 

8 September 2010