A new twist on overland adventures for socially and environmentally conscious travellers with a keen interest in photography.

Africa-in-Focus offers exhilarating overland adventures throughout eastern Africa for the adventurous and environmentally conscious traveller and the keen photographer.


This super website shows all the various tour options and gives in depth information on all aspects of your trip, down to a virtual tour of the amazing tour bus. There is also a selection of beautiful pictures from previous trips.


The company is run by Jeremy Baldock, who has over ten years experience with overland tour companies in southern and eastern Africa, as well as a diploma in Photography and a degree in Biological Imaging, combined with an intense enthusiasm for Africa. He set up Africa-in-Focus to provide a different approach from the general overland company by way of added facilities such as photographic workshops while on tour and the facility of downloading digital images to their on-board laptop computers.


Whether you are interested in wildlife, landscape, culture or just adventure travel you will not only get the experience you wished for but so much more. There is the opportunity to learn about taking better photographs, you can participate in workshops and discussions round the campfire on various topics of photography, helping you gain a better insight into the places that you visit.


Africa in Focus is also conscious of social and environmental factors, they only introduce tourists to areas where the local community welcomes them. Cultural visits will always take place where there is a community project in place and they employ local guides, and make use of local labour, in order to contribute to local economies.

The maximum group size is sixteen, thereby trying to minimize the impact on sensitive ecosystems and giving more space on the expedition vehicle. They try to make use of small-scale, locally run accommodation that use eco-friendly power sources and actively recycle their waste.