Trending: why Lisbon millennials huddle around this glowing, white alien wi-fi tree.

We’ve long known that Lisbon is a cool city, but its smart status rocketed when we discovered its VTree. This extraordinary looking, white alien-like glowing tree provides access to the internet and charges phones, gadgets and electric scooters.

VTree Solar, the company building charging solutions for the future, created the tree, which takes two days to erect. This low-maintenance state-of-the art technology tree is self-sustainable and powered by solar energy. It works as a technological hub where you can integrate all sorts of technological devices and beacons. It also provides a night light.

‘All trees convert sunlight into chemical energy. Thanks to an imaginative idea from a Romanian company called VTree Energy, solar-powered trees are taking root to raise environment awareness while providing green energy. The structure, uses the energy captured by the solar panels to provide USB charging outlets for smartphones and tablets, free Wi-Fi, nighttime lighting and informational LCD screens.’

June 2017