Ronit Zilkha Travels

The fashion designer travels to Israel for family holidays.

Ronit Zilkha, fashion designer, is the driving force behind Lullilu, a luxurious range of womenswear that is more about a way of life. These are clothes that are designed to be multi seasonal, bringing an effortless style and comfort for the modern woman, whether in the workplace or at home.

Every summer Ronit travels to Israel for a holiday and here she writes about what she gets up to with her family.


Israel is a fascinating combination of the old and the new, the past and the future, and Tel Aviv-Jaffa – where I come from, is a perfect reflection of this unique mixture.

Thousands of years of history come together in Jaffa, one of the world's oldest cities and the birthplace of Tel Aviv. This is a thriving cosmopolitan centre by the sea, a city that never sleeps – an exciting city that celebrates independence, modernity, technology, diversity and pluralism every day of the week.

The long promenade, running alongside the seashore that makes up the western edge of Tel Aviv-Jaffa is where we walk or jog, ride bikes, sit on benches, fill our lungs with fresh air. A glorious 8.7 miles of open views, blue horizons, white sandy beaches and the most beautiful sunset every evening without fail. Regardless of the hour, human attractions abound – clowns, caricaturists, tattoo artists, hair-braiders, magicians and of course, the ever- changing parade of people strolling by.


Driving to Jaffa is like going through a time tunnel– skyscrapers soar on the left, while ahead lies a city with thousands of years of history. It's the main port of the ancient land of Israel, and one of the first ports in the world.

I love to go Jaffa every Thursday night to the market that has been revived into the most eclectic mixture of old merchants with a new generation of young designers all showing their work, surrounded by music bands and food stalls. The roads are all blocked so crowds of people can just stroll all around the city which is so beautiful at night.

The beautifully restored houses and streets preserve the romance of the early days of Jewish urban settlement. Tel Aviv’s Port attracts thousands of people seeking to combine food, shopping and entertainment with romantic red sunsets, salty sea breezes and white sails on the horizon.

If you get here after noontime on a Saturday, forget it – you'll quickly discover that you're not the only one in pursuit of this magical combination. A bridge across the Yarkon River connects the port to the historic old Reading power station, whose cavernous interior now serves as an exciting venue for post-Modern design and art exhibitions.


A visit to Israel is not complete without visiting Jerusalem, the most fascinating city in the world for any religion. There is no better way to take in the magical and breath-taking beauty of the city than wonder within the very walls that enclose its magic. If it is the Old City attractions, or the markets’ hustle and bustle, you can be sure to be stunned and over-whelmed with this ancient city's history.

The market is all about magnificent choices of food, from bakeries, spices, fruit and confectionery specialities.

More than any other place in Jerusalem, the Western Wall is perhaps the city’s greatest symbol; a wall thousands of years old that has become the holiest place for worship for Jews around the world.

Every time I visit, new places have been restored, capturing the history and essence of the Israel. Sometimes, it is so overwhelming that you feel you are in a daze trying to take it all in.

September 2012