Debbie Wosskow of the home exchange site, Love Home Swap, chooses her favourite apps.

Debbie Wosskow is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist. A former management consultant, she launched her first business, marketing and communications consultancy Mantra, at the age of just 25. She was also named as one of Management Today’s ’35 Under 35’. She is regular commentator on entrepreneurship and travel on TV and in print.

In October 2011, when she was struggling to find accommodation for her family holiday that wouldn’t use up 80 per cent of their travel budget, Debbie took inspiration from the film “The Holiday” where Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap homes for the Christmas holidays, and conceived of the idea for Love Home Swap. A socially connected home exchange site, Love Home Swap provides travellers interested in a local experience with an inexpensive, yet stylish way to spend their holiday. It presents the best community of home swaps ever assembled, with thousands of homes across more than 80 countries.

Debbie lives in London with her two children and has so far swapped her London apartment for a stint in the English Countryside, an exotic trip to Morocco and a harbour-side stay in Sydney, Australia, where no less than Russell Crowe turned out to be her neighbour!


Gogobot – I travel a lot with work and I like this app because it gives you handy personal recommendations on where to go and what to do when you’re away, from the people most qualified to do so – fellow travellers. When I go away for business I arrange home exchanges through Love Home Swap, so I already get to live like a local wherever I go – Gogobot is another social travel tool that helps you really get under the skin of a new place, for authentic experiences away from the tourist trail.

Flight Track - As a frequent flyer, delays are just one of those things you have to deal with. Flight Track does exactly what its name suggests, but an attractive and user-friendly interface makes it a joy to use. Ok, so it doesn’t make my flights all run on time, but at least it means I can be prepared when there are delays and plan my schedule accordingly.

The Economist - I use a number of news apps, and find this one a great resource on the go. It’s important that I keep abreast of current affairs and what’s happening in the business world and it’s nice to have a familiar publication at my fingertips wherever I am in the world.

Yoga Stretch - With a business to run and two young children to run after, yoga is how I stay sane. It’s important to me to keep fit and Yoga Stretch is there when my yoga teacher can’t be!

Love Home Swap Facebook App - OK, so this is a slightly different kind of app, but I had to include it as it was in development for a while and I’m so proud that it’s now up and running. An industry-first, Love Home Swap is the first home exchange site to be truly social and fully integrate with Facebook, so you can arrange a holiday in your ten minute Facebook break. It also makes it really easy to get involved with a very active online community – setting up swaps, sharing experiences and getting to know each other - on a platform that you already engage with on a regular basis. The app allows you to turn your online connections into enriching offline experiences – and makes your friends incredibly jealous when your upcoming swap with that stunning Australian pad pops up on their news feeds!

May 2012