Annabel Jack

These are the apps that the GWG Editor, checks all day, every day. Time to get downloading.

Recently, our new editor, Annabel Jack, gave us an insight into her favourite sites and this week, she turns to her smartphone. These are the apps that Annabel checks all day, every day. Time to get downloading.


I’m hooked, much to my bank balance and postman’s chagrin. Most weeks, brown paper parcels arrive on my doorstep. I love the hunt, the bargains and the ease of payment through PayPal.


Gone are the days of unexpected rain showers. Dark Sky is a hyper-local weather app that tells you when it is about to rain to the minute. It’s yet to let me (or my hair) down.


Too lazy to get to the postbox? While nothing beats a handwritten card, the photo postcards by Touchnote make me a better friend at keeping in touch. My fridge is adorned with Touchnote postcards that I’ve received.


Effectively, this is a room letting marketplace so you can book a night in someone’s house. This ‘room’ could be a castle, treehouse or penthouse. It’s almost always cheaper than traditional hotels, and is a home away from home.


Seemingly endless email chains making plans are infuriating. I prefer to organise mutual meeting times with the Doodle app. It creates a poll of several proposed dates and indicates availability to find a mutual time.


For a quick lift home, it’s hard not to love Uber. It makes getting around London so much easier, and who’s not to love having your own private driver? I’m watching their self-driving taxi experiments with great curiosity (read more).

September 2016