Mat Braddy

Mat Braddy, co-founder of Rock Pamper Scissors, the hairdresser booking app, shares his favourites.

Mat Braddy, the former CMO of startup-to-IPO brand Just Eat, is now an entrepreneur building a new app, Rock Pamper Scissors, and is also a mentor to many London startups.

Rock Pamper Scissors is an iOS and Android app revealing the previously hidden talents of local stylists. It is a hairdresser booking app which provides instant on-demand access to the latest styles, the stylists that did them and individual stylist appointments near you. The free app allows you to flick through pictures of real hairstyles by local stylists, pin the ones that inspire you, then book that stylist. Perfect for last minute appointments or booking on the go.


Mat writes, "You always feel under pressure with these sort of lists to a) look cool, & b) share some hidden gems. But the truth is often that my favourite apps are the same as yours. Let’s see..."

Feedly - I’m a massive news junky and need a great app to handle feeds and present them in a neat way on a mobile screen. That app was Pulse, but unfortunately LinkedIn bought it and ruined it then shut it. The best alternative I’ve found is Feedly but it is nowhere near as pretty as Pulse was. If any readers have alternative suggestions then please tweet me!

Instagram - My main social network is still Facebook, but for inspiration I love Instagram. I’v got a real mid-life itch to go and see the world so I love flicking through photos from @awesome_earthpix and @natgeo. It allows me to travel in my mind if nothing else.

Amazon Prime - Like Pringles, once you Prime you just can’t stop. I’m terribly lazy and hate doing anything boring so instead of hunting around the house for half an hour for sellotape or a pair of scissors I’ll often just Prime it and wait until the next day. I’m a terrible human being. And now with built in Prime Video it really is a fantastic service that has changed my life.

Spotify - Another confession - I used to download music illegally. Admit it, so did you. I never felt OK about it, but it was too easy a way to expand one’s musical taste at a click. Thank the internet god that Pandora and then Spotify came along to save my soul. As a subscriber it is brilliant - a world of music and you can download it to listen offline. I’ve just discovered it also has comedy albums and meditation tracks so it’s become even more essential.

Pokemon Go - I’ve got an eleven year-old boy. Getting him to go outside with so many in-home tech distractions is always a nightmare. But the last few months we’ve been out and about together walking around nearby towns. Using local historic sights as Pokestops has also allowed us to bump into lots of interesting real world items. And Pokemon players all chat to each other. Priceless fun. Well not quite - those micropayments are adding up...

September 2016