The co-founder of SunGod, the much-loved eyewear brand, tells us what she gets up to online.

Zoe Watkiss had always dreamt of running her own brand, and escaping to the mountains. So a few years ago, she quit her London job, moved to Verbier and launched SunGod, the much-loved eyewear brand.

Zoe was frustrated by good quality branded sunglasses costing well over £100 while cheap £10 knock-offs offered limited protection and broke too easily. And so she set up her successful startup SunGod via three rounds of crowdfunding on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Truly built to last, each pair of SunGod glasses or goggles has a lifetime guarantee. If you break them, SunGod will repair or replace them free of charge.

Last year, SunGod sold over 35,000 pairs of sunglasses and ski goggles worldwide. She, along with co-founder Ali Watkiss, now run a team of eight employees and are on track to turn over £3 million in 2018. Here Zoe sheds some light on her online favourites.

My favourite app… Audible - It's my new favourite walking companion (after my puppy, Theo!) for when I have errands to run or journeys to take to meetings. It's perfect for digesting business related books that wouldn't otherwise get read.

My blog of choice… Deliciously Ella, at the moment - I'm trying to get more creative with cooking at home and she certainly challenges me with more plant-based recipes.

My internet hero… Hero might be a bit strong... but I love Gary Vee [Vaynerchuk, the serial entrepreneur]. He cuts to the chase about setting aside time to go after your dreams or business ideas, and is one of the pioneers of advertising in the digital age (though rather outspoken at times!)

My favourite podcasts... The Tim Ferris Show - It is my go-to podcast. He interviews some really inspiring guests, and the principles from his book, The 4-Hour Work Week defines how we built our business.

My most recent buy online… A white Chilly's water bottle - At 750ml, it isn't small but is always empty by mid-afternoon.

Book just downloaded/ read… Sheryl Sandberg, Option B - I started and finished it on a recent flight back from Singapore; it’s an incredible read that is heart-wrenching but leaves you feeling empowered.

Favourite tweeter… I'm not actually on Twitter but I hear James Blunt is hilarious!

Favourite instagrammer… A friend mentioned @thegoodquote to me a while ago now, I've followed them ever since and it somehow always manages to come up with something relevant or uplifting in those moments of reflection.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… I read The Hustle most days. It takes you out of what you're doing and reports on the big movers and shakers in the business and tech world, in a super fun and relatable way.

Pet hate about life online… Feeling the need to get back to people instantly, though I am learning to embrace aeroplane mode!

Stand out online memory... Launching our campaign on Crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. It was very public and nerve-wracking, but an incredible journey that launched our brand SunGod.

July 2018