The founder of eco-fashion subscription platform, Wear the Walk, talks about her favourite apps and the blog she always returns to.

Got nothing to wear? And wince at how mass-market fashion is just not sustainable? We hear your cries. Zoe Partridge, lover of clothes, tech and the environment, is here to help. Last year, the entrepreneur launched fashion rental startup, Wear the Walk, allowing users to rent curated pieces of fashion from an online library featuring emerging designers’ collections. Sustainable design is at the heart of Wear the Walk, the site that only features ethically sourced brands. Users pay a monthly fee and can rent items for up to ten days.

Zoe’s background is in fashion and tech; after stints at Mulberry and in PR, Zoe worked as head of new business at a tech startup in predictive analytics. Here, she shares the apps that keep her fit, on budget and the blog she always returns to.

My favourite website… Buzzfeed - It has the best reviews and weirdest crap on it... great way to waste a few hours “working.”

My favourite app… 8fit - A fitness app that creates personalised workouts that don’t make you feel 50-years-old. I use a really cool picture editing app called VSCO for work. My new discovery, which is quite geeky, is the budgeting app Squirrel. It’s amazing for tracking finances and sticking to budgets.

My blog of choice… The Londoner - Often I find new blogs that I pick up, get obsessed by and then drop, but the one I always come back to is Rosie Londoner. It reminds me of living with one of my best friends Georgia, straight out of university; we were broke, partying and cooking Rosie’s random recipes in an attempt to be “healthy” after a big weekend.

My internet hero… I’m not sure I have one. I admire anyone that can utilise the digital world to his or her advantage and monetise it.

My favourite podcasts... How I Built This, an American podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, the internet radio station Monocle and Masters of Scale by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. I love the host on how I built this... Guy Raz, his voice is so soothing he makes you think anything is possible!

My most recent buys online… Shelves and a print from Beautiful Crime Gallery for my studio.

Book just downloaded/ read... ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ by Sue Monk Kidd - It is a lovely book for a relaxing holiday read.

Favourite tweeter… I used to be a big twitter addict but not so much anymore. If I was to choose, for pure comedic value it’ll be James Blunt.

Favourite instagrammers… The Fat Jewish, Ryan Reynolds and Camille Charriere.

Social media allowed me to meet… All my customers, stylists and some great power women. Working in fashion means Instagram and Facebook are massive for us.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Woman Who - For inspiration and motivation. Harpers Bazaar for fashion.

Pet hate about life online… How perpetual it is. You constantly need to be active, engaging and funny. It’s exhausting!

Stand out online memory… At my last company, a startup called the Outside View we ran an experiment tracking out health and happiness with The Economist. When it launched, it went pretty viral. That was a great moment which we felt the full force of the digital space and how much momentum it can generate quickly.

July 2018