Tommy Stadlen, co-founder of Polaroid Swing, the new social media platform where a little scroll can change a lot, shows us around his web.

Have you come across Polaroid Swing? You need to. It’s the new social media platform being hailed as the next (and infinitely more mesmerising) Instagram. This week’s guest editor is San Francisco based Brit, Tommy Stadlen, the co-founder of Polaroid Swing.

The Silicon Valley start-up should come with a warning, as it's highly addictive. Ask users like Hilary Clinton and Natalia Vodianova. Chairman is Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, co-founder is Frederick Blackford and the app's launch director is Kinvara Balfour. Photographer and social media star, Cole Rise (who designed Instagram’s original filters and logo) oversees creative direction. Sorry, must stop this name-dropping.

Polaroid Swing heralds the next big phase in digital imagery and has been featured as number one recommended app in the App Store and in Apple retail stores globally. It is a kind of Instagram that moves or ’swings’; the 3D images appear to move as you scroll your fingers over them.

You can download Polaroid Swing on to your phone via the app store, take moving images and share these on to your other social media platforms directly from Polaroid Swing. See examples of recent fashion content, travel content and cool examples of how to get creative with the medium.

Originally from London, Tommy is the co-author of the international bestseller 'Connect: How Companies Succeed by Engaging Radically With Society'. He previously worked for McKinsey and for Barack Obama on his 2008 presidential campaign. Here, he offers an insight into his online choices.

My favourite app... Polaroid Swing, of course. It lets you capture the world in a completely new way.

My favourite website... I mainly use apps, so I'll give you another great photography one: Litely. It has the best filters on the planet.

My blog of choice... Reading Medium posts from the denizens of Silicon Valley, which is always fun. They’re a potent mix of the inspirational and the delusional.

My internet hero... Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British inventor of the World Wide Web. I interviewed him once and he described how the whole idea almost never happened. Hard to imagine now.

My most recent buy online... Flowers for my fiancée from Wild At Heart.

Book just downloaded/read... 'The Spy Who Loved', Clare Mulley's biography of British WW2 spy Christine Granville. It features my great-uncle Pat who served in special ops before becoming a poet.

My favourite tweeter... Kanye

My favourite instagrammer… Cole Rise, Chief Creative Officer at Polaroid Swing and the inventor of Instagram's original filters. He has a million followers and you can see why when you look at his photos.

Social media allowed me to meet... Our entire founding team at Polaroid Swing. My co-founder and I moved to the US barely knowing anyone. We spent weeks and weeks on LinkedIn and Instagram finding the best engineers and designers.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... It unsubscribes you from all the rubbish you don't want so that you can enjoy the good stuff. Benedict Evans sends out an excellent summary of the week's important tech news.

Pet hate about life online... Accidentally liking something.

Stand out online memory... The sound of a dial-up modem as you tried and failed to download Eminem on Napster.

iPhone or Android?

1 March 2017