Love and hate the online world in equal measure? We hear you. Time to get to know award-winning digital entrepreneur Tanya Goodin.

Tanya Goodin has made her name by training people, from social media addicted graduates to C-suite professionals, how to have a healthier relationship with the tech in their lives. After a twenty-year career in the digital world and aware of the growing imbalance between the time spent on our online and offline lives, Tanya founded digital detox specialists, Time To Log Off. Her first book, "OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life” was published last year. She is currently working on her second digital detox book to be published in 2018.

My favourite websites… Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s new venture. I was a huge fan of HuffPo when it started but Arianna, like me, has now moved her focus to work: life balance, health, wellness and getting technology under control. And also The Pool - I read articles from here every day and there’s always something that grabs my attention. It’s what the Internet was invented for.

My favourite app… Instagram - I have to be careful not to spend too long on it. I’ve discovered some amazing photographers and artists as well as a growing group of people sending up those perfect airbrushed lives that cause us so much angst (@CelesteBarber is brilliant at this).

My blog of choice… At the moment I’m following @polarben who’s attempting the first unassisted solo crossing of Antarctica. I’m a travel addict and reading his daily updates from a place I will almost certainly never visit is enthralling.

My internet hero... has to be Tim Berners-Lee, without whom it probably wouldn’t exist in this form.

My favourite podcasts... I love ‘Happier’ by Gretchen Rubin and am also loving a new one The School For Dumb Women project by a bunch of kick-ass young feminists.

My most recent buy online… Dog food from Amazon! I probably spend more on my dog than on anyone else in my family. My recycling bins are entirely full of Amazon brown boxes!

Book just downloaded/read… I always read in print. I never download books. The pleasure of reading a good book and turning the pages just can’t be replicated on a screen. I am currently reading ‘10% Happier’ by Dan Harris, which is a great book on mindfulness.

Favourite tweeter… Stephen Fry - I’ve been following him since he and I both joined Twitter right at the start. He has a love/hate relationship with it (like I do) but when he’s tweeting it’s always worth listening to.

Favourite Instagrammer… Robert Macfarlane, @robgmacfarlane - He has only just joined but I’ve followed him avidly on other platforms and I’m delighted he’s now on Instagram, he’s a real joy.

Social media allowed me to meet… Barack Obama follows me on Twitter, I’ve never met him but it’s pretty special to be connected via social media. My editor at Octopus @ZaraAnvari found me on social media. Without her I wouldn’t now be enjoying a new (entirely unexpected) career as an author.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Brainpickings by Maria Popova - She describes herself as an ‘interestingness hunter-gather’ and I feel the same. I’m interested in a very diverse range of things. Her newsletter pulls together science, art and philosophy beautifully.

Pet hate about life online… That we all now spend too much time on it! It’s an amazing resource and source of inspiration but we’re wasting hours of our time on it now and our offline lives are suffering. I’m on a mission through Time To Log Off to help everyone get a bit of balance back into our lives and to learn how to put it down.

Stand out online memory… The day Google was launched, three years after I set up my first online business. I know it sounds unbelievable but I really do remember a group of us crowding round a screen in the office looking at the logo with all the white space around it (totally different from all the existing search engines) and thinking, “I think this could be quite big...”

January 2018