Susannah Taylor of Get the Gloss, the expert health & beauty mag, gives an insight into her life online.

Susannah Taylor is the Editor-in-Chief of and is the former beauty and health editor of Vogue and Glamour UK. Along with journalist, Sarah Vine of the Daily Mail, Susannah launched Get the Gloss in October 2012 and with a wealth of experience in the industry, they wanted to not only bring their expertise to the web but also to put the consumer in touch with the industry's finest health and beauty experts.

Get the Gloss is therefore a wonderful melting pot of the latest articles on everything from high intensity exercise to the latest mascara and how to get rid of bunions; videos from the industry's finest make-up artists, hair stylists, personal trainers, and health practitioners ; you can even chat live weekly to some of the with the biggest names in health and beauty - this month for example, Michael Mosley, (he who invented the 5:2 diet) will be live on the site talking about his latest book Fast Exercise.

Since it's launch, Get the Gloss has won Best Beauty Website at the P&G Awards, and Best Website in Instyle's online Beauty Awards as well as Best Beauty and Health Website thanks to The Good Web Guide!

My Favorite Website... Get the Gloss Of course! I really believe we are creating something that women out there want and need. I am very proud of the site and the awards we have won in only a year since we launched. There is loads in the pipeline and I like to feel we are pushing the boundaries I am so excited to get cracking in 2014 with it all. Aside from Get the Gloss I love . I am full of admiration for founder Natalie Massenet and what she has achieved in transforming the way we shop for fashion and also for creating something on such an unimaginable global scale. SO impressive.

My Favourite App... The Train Trip - One of my favourites of the moment, Taking the weight off your mind from the App store. Terrence the Teacher is an amazing hypnotherapist who has changed many peoples lives for the better. He has invented this seriously clever app which takes the form of a train trip - every day for a few weeks your take a leg of the journey with Terrence and it helps to change your mindset about your weight. I love the visuals - it's a brilliant idea.

My Favourite Blog... Wearingittoday - By one of our writers, Laura Fantacci. Laura is a mum and is super stylish (she is also a successful fashion stylist) and everything she puts up on her site I want. She is great at including fashion pieces that are high street and designer too so there's something for everyone. I also love the look of her site and it's really easy to navigate and clean-looking.

My Most Recent Buy Online... Vitamix food blender - I bought it on the John Lewis website at the weekend. Over the last few years I have become a bit of a fitness addict and have changed my diet, and am very conscious now of eating healthily. The Vitamix is the creme de la creme of food blenders in that it chops, blends, creams and purees food and the blades reach a very high speed - meaning you can pulverise fruit and veg into amazing smoothies (which is mostly what I want it for). It's a fave with many celebrities and apparently you could even liquidise an avocado stone in it!

My Favourite Tweeter and Instagrammer... @freernutrition - I really love the tweets and instagrams of nutritionist @freernutrition as she is really passionate about helping people with their food and eating habits. She is all about eating healthy rather than starving yourself and has helped many people I know with their diet with incredible results. She is also passionate about curing illness through diet and is immensely knowledgeable.

My Pet Hate About Life Online - I find it very hard to switch off - which is even worse when you run an online business! Social media is very addictive, and I am always checking Instagram, Twitter and my emails (my husband goes crazy at me). The problem is, with more and more social media channels being invented, there are becoming more and more channels to sign up to. I fear it may take over our lives. I have a love hate relationship with it - it is essential for our site but it is all-consuming.

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... - Many of the people we now use on the Get the Gloss site. One that stands out is a personal trainer called Russ Bateman who runs a training regime called SBC. He is really changing the face of exercise and making it sexy and exciting.

My Stand Out Online Memory - Chanel threw a party for Get the Gloss last summer and it was the most amazing event which we documented online. I had to pinch myself that it was happening, that and my team putting a pic of me in my bikini up on Twitter last summer!

Most Worthwhile Newsletter... Get the Gloss - It's a very good mailout which goes out twice a week with links to all our new features/videos and Live Chat details. I also love the newsletter from If you don't know the site, it is an awesome melting pot of fashion, beauty and lifestyle stories based in the States. The newsletter is always full of catchy features about things you need in your life right at that moment. You can't fail but click on them!

8 January 2014