We talk to Stephanie Eltz from Doctify, the new healthcare platform saving you admin headaches, about Skype relationships, Deliveroo and Ghandi’s grandson.

Meet Dr Stephanie Eltz, the orthopaedic doctor and entrepreneur using technology to take the stress out of booking a doctor or getting a second opinion. Stephanie co-founded Doctify, an online platform where you can select and book the perfect medical specialist for you. We all book and compare prices and reviews of taxis, hotels and restaurants online, why not do the same for your healthcare?

This clever web tool not only enables patients to search by speciality, location and language. Patients can also compare specialist photographs, patient reviews, pricing, view their preferred specialist's availability and book an appointment on their profile. ‘My dream is for total transparency in healthcare, enabling everybody to curate treatment that works for them,’ says Stephanie. ‘For example if somebody broke their ankle and would have to wait three weeks for an MRI scan, they have the option to get the scan privately and then have treatment on the NHS quicker because of this. I hope it transforms the way we see doctors forever.’ Here, Stephanie talks about Skype relationships, Deliveroo and Ghandi’s grandson.

My favourite website... Obviously, I love our website - You can search, compare and book doctors and health professionals. It’s all about creating the transparency that health care needs and about connecting clinicians with patients.

My favourite app… I am obsessed with Touchnote - It’s an app that allows you to send postcards using your phone. It takes two minutes and it’s such a nice throwback to when we would send post cards more often.

My blog of choice… The Doctify Journal - It's amazing. We involve doctors to help us unveil common myths and interesting info in medicine. For example - How many coffees can I drink every day? What is a psychopath and how do I spot one?

My most recent buy online… nappies for my daughter.

Book just downloaded... A book written by Ghandi’s grandson, Arun Ghandi called ‘The Gift of Anger And Other Lessons from My Grandfather Mahatma Ghandi’. He gives interesting and relevant insights about his grandfather, such as how Ghandi would deal with social media.

Favourite tweeter… Donald Trump - One of the biggest catastrophes our generation faces but I have a very dark sense of humour and his tweets amuse me from time to time, as he is just so unbelievable.

Favourite instagrammer… Personally, I'm not big on Instagram as I'm so busy with work and family. But again, I love our @Doctify Instagram as the team makes a real effort to post about relevant health issues and make it look beautiful.

Social media allowed me to meet… my old penpal - I had last written to her on a piece of paper twenty-two years ago. Emailing her on messenger was effective but slightly less romantic than the letters we used to exchange.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… my Deliveroo newsletter - Always makes me hungry and inspires me to order their food.

Pet hate about life online… How people often put aside actually meeting in person for just What’s App-ing to catch up.

Stand out online memory… Maintaining a long distance relationship over two years, through Skype dates with a glass of wine in hand, a sexy top on and pyjama bottoms hidden under the table.

October 2017