Jamie Spafford of SORTEDFood, the UK's largest YouTube cooking channel, shares the team's favourite websites.

SORTEDFood is the UK's largest YouTube cooking channel, made up of a group of old school mates who love exploring food both in and outside of their kitchen studio in London. The team is taught by chef, Ben, who encourages Barry, Jamie and Mike to improve their culinary skills... Quite a task when you see how bad they are! Having known each other for almost 15 years, the videos are fun and entertaining, but with a modicum of education thrown in there as well.

Their website, SORTEDFood.com, contains a mixture of video recipes, skills, tips and tricks plus a whole host of foodie content found from around the web. The Good Web Guide awarded the website Educational Website of the Year for 2012.


YouTube - Our home online! YouTube has a great community of people who love watching and engaging with videos across all topics – from weird and wonderful entertainment to practical how-to's and millions more besides. The best thing is that it's not just a viewing platform, but also a place to host discussions and conversations around the videos as well.

BuzzFeed - If you're looking for current online trends, BuzzFeed is the website to visit – we look here quite a lot for inspiration as well as entertainment. The main features tend to revolve around lists of random things, e.g. 20 things that should never be put in jelly.

Pinterest - Whereas other websites rely on the weird and wonderful, Pinterest promotes the beautiful and fancy. Whether we're looking for inspiration for recipes or ideas on how to plate up dishes, Pinterest always pays off.

SmittenKitchen - SmittenKitchen is a food blog that always stands out... and one we regularly visit when in need of a smile! Deb's food is simple, homely and rustic but cooked with great passion for the ingredients and the process. The best part is that it's all done from her self-confessed tiny New York kitchen with her family as chief taste tasters.

Experimental Food Society - This website has got a broad range of creative and unorthodox methods of displaying and arranging food. It's quirky, cool, and sums up London's urban/hipster scene really well. It acts as a great place to find inspiration for new things we should be trying, and who we should be talking to when it comes to cool food.

SocialBlade - This is the place to look for instant YouTube analytics – it helps provide us with an hour by hour update on how our views and subscribers are doing on YouTube. Plus, it allows us to check out how other people are doing... And see whether we need to up our game!!

19 February 2013