Jeweller to the stars gives us a tour around her online world, showing us how she navigates the wonders of eBay, and the addictive nature of life online.

Jeweller to the stars, Solange Azagury-Partridge is self-taught. The first piece of jewellery she designed was her engagement ring in 1987. And so began a wonderful career designing whimsical and playful jewellery, some of which features in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and also the Louvre Museum in Paris. The former Creative Director of Boucheron Paris recently launched her latest collection, Supernature, to coincide with her new London shop by Hyde Park. Here she talks about navigating the wonders of eBay, hating the addictive nature of online and Instagram.

My favourite website… eBay, otherwise known as 'Your wish is my command.’ I’ve bought everything from fabrics and wallpaper to antique bookshelves, a dining table and prints by Peter Blake. As long as you know what you’re looking for, it’s great. Otherwise, it’s a black hole you can never escape from.

My favourite app… Stack Music App - Set up by my friend Max Wigram, it’s like a radio station minus the DJs. You can select the vibe you’re in the mood for, be it classical, disco, soul, rock, sad, summer, and flip between them at whim. It is like the best of your own selection but without the headache of choosing.

My blog of choice… I’m not a natural tech person so I like to read books. Paper is still the most attractive format for me. A book is less practical than a phone, but something to cherish and go back to and re-read and reference and line your shelves with.

My most recent buy online… A dishwasher cutlery basket from Amazon - Also so easy for books, stationery, art supplies… anything really.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Vanity Fair Diaries’ by Tina Brown - It’s a page-turner and a lesson in how to manage people and create an amazing product with imagination and ruthlessness. It is slightly queasy-making though, all those billionaires obsessed with money…

Favourite instagrammers… @historyphotographed as it is always fascinating to see previously unseen images like an unfinished Eiffel tower or a young Helena Bonham-Carter; @thegardenhistorians for the beautiful world-famous, and the not so famous, gardens from all over the world; @overheardla for the funny snippets of overheard conversations from Los Angeles. For example, ‘My iPhone stopped unlocking when I had a nose-job.’ I also follow @poshpedlar, she makes the funniest, wittiest observations interjected with poetry and images of beautiful places and things.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Brain Pickings by Maria Popova - She takes a topic such as love or the political power of Art, or the Rewards of winter walks, and posts texts from great philosophers, poets, writers. It’s often very soulful. Indeed, she calls it a personal ‘labour of love.’

Pet hate about life online… the way it is so addictive. Instagram, which is one's own curated personal magazine, is the hardest to tear oneself away from as it’s also a way of seeing your friends. And then there are digital newspapers, YouTube, magazines. It’s endless.

Stand out online memory… When I sold my first piece of jewellery from an image I posted. It was quite a surprise. I was reaching a whole new audience of people who really love jewellery. In fact, I have bought jewellery for myself from an Instagram post.

February 2018