Shabir Daya of Victoria Health, the leaders in natural health products, shares his favourite sites.

Shabir Daya, MRPharmS (Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society), is a qualified pharmacist specialising in natural health products. Graduating from King’s College, London in 1979, Shabir completed one year of pre-registration training in a retail environment before fully qualifying. With over twenty years of experience, he has worked to grow Victoria Health, based on a fundamental belief in the work they do and the difference they are making. His encyclopaedic knowledge is peerless and he is regularly featured in the British and international press as an expert within his field, one who is able to share his extensive insight in an informed and consumer-friendly manner.

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The Beauty Bible and Get The Gloss - Victoria Health's website is also heavily beauty based. As a trained pharmacist and natural health expert, I need to make sure I am also fully aware and updated on all the newest beauty innovations and launches and these are two sites I admire. The Beauty Bible created by Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey, and Get The Gloss by Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine; all very knowledgeable women in the beauty Industry who have a wealth of knowledge and whom I very much respect.

The British Medical Journal - In terms of breakthrough research, medical news and expert comments, this site is invaluable to me and my profession. I am on this site daily to keep abreast of the changes and discoveries in medicine.

The Week and The New York Times - Being so busy I often find it hard to read a paper everyday and to keep up to date with world affairs, so these sites give me all the information I need in easy to digest snippets and cover everything. Perfect.

Time Out London - I live in what I consider to be one of the best cities in the world and really enjoy experiencing what London has to offer, from its wealth of exhibitions, museums and great restaurants. This really is an invaluable site to anyone who wants to make the most of out what London has to offer – there is so much out there I’d have missed if it wasn’t for looking at Time Out.

13 February 2013