The Lifestyle Ambassador of British beauty brand, Liz Earle Beauty Co, talks about what she gets up to online.

Sarah Carr joined the Liz Earle family in October 2010, bringing with her a wealth of beauty wisdom and a passion for healthy living that’s positively infectious.

Her role as Lifestyle Ambassador is a varied one and in any one week you may find her giving bespoke facials in her luxurious treatment room, hosting customer or press events, presenting specialist shows on QVC, or even on her mat teaching a yoga class at the brand's Isle of Wight HQ.

Favourite website... Too many to mention!

Favourite app... Spotify – I love music and being able to access so much and download instantly is amazing. We don’t have a TV, so music is our go-to for relaxing and discovering something/someone new.

Favourite blog... Fashion Me Now – This is my online magazine to escape, enjoy fashion and dream of faraway holidays.

Most recent buy online... a Ganni dress - One of my favourite clothing brands.

Book just downloaded/read... I tend to read two books at the same time, one that’s around beauty, wellbeing or food for work and one to escape. My last two were: The Inner Beauty Bible by Laurey Simmons – an amazing read that encapsulates age-old practices with a modern outlook for everyday life. I was lucky enough to meet the author recently and she is as magical as the book. When Breath Become Air by Paul Kalanithi was my last read. Inspiring and thought-provoking, I highly recommend it.

Favourite Instagrammer... Laura Jackson - Great style, humour and personality and Jackson & Levine for happy and yummy food with great tips for entertaining, as I love have people to dinner.

Social media allowed me to meet... An old work friend, that was a lovely surprise.

Pet hate about life online... People not being present and living a life online.

Internet hero... Mark Zuckerberg - He changed how we stay connected, re-connect with people and communicate globally.

Standout online memory... Getting the internet for the first time at my parents’ home in Yorkshire and being able to Google the Spice Girls. My best friend and I were totally blown away that is was possible! How times change!

Favourite social media tool... Instagram - For inspiration.

Favourite communication tool/app... WhatsApp - How did we communicate before? I’ve got lots of friends and family all over the world and it’s changed how we communicate, able to share images instantly and data calls. Not to mention the Carr family WhatsApp group – I will always regret explaining to my mum what the blue ticks mean, she knows if we’ve (my brother and I) have read the message and have chosen to delay replying or decided to ignore!

iPhone or Android? iPhone all the way. Is it sad that I can’t imagine life without one now?!

February 2018