The tech savvy entrepreneur and co-founder of Millennial 20/20, gives us the lowdown on her digital life.

Consider yourself digitally savvy? Can you keep up? Stick with Rupa Ganatra, and you’re in for a chance. The tech savvy entrepreneur co-founded Millennial 20/20, the world's first business summit series looking at the future of nextgen commerce in Singapore, New York and London (3rd - 4th May 2017). According to Forbes, her business summit is ‘not to be missed by brands, retailers and start-ups.’ It will bring together over 3,500 brands, retailers, media, startups and entrepreneurs to discuss e-commerce, finance, marketing, video and social strategies.

Rupa has also invested in several start-up businesses and won several awards including Management Today and the Sunday Times 35 under 35 Women in the UK and Top 100 in UK Tech. She is also the Founding Board Member of the UK Guild of Entrepreneurs, the chair of the HH Women Entrepreneurs and Board Director at the Ashraya Initiative for Children charity since 2008. Here, Rupa spills the beans on her life online.

My favourite website... Forbes - It's the best for helping me to stay up-to-date within my industry as well as what I need to keep in mind for when planning our Millennial 20/20 events around the world.

My favourite app is… Well there are two, because there’s no way I can choose between them. The first one would have to be Slack, for being able to keep in touch with our global team across six different countries in an efficient way. The second would have to be Deliveroo for feeding me so well.

My blog of choice... Mira Manek’s food blog - My days are often hectic so it’s hard for me to even think about time for cooking but Mira Manek manages to always get me excited about cooking.

My internet hero... Narendra Modi - For driving a new era of transparency, honesty and communication as a world leader.

My most recent buy online was… Amazon Prime - It’s such a handy service - allowing almost instant access to thousands of products!

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda - It was first published around 70 years ago and remains a bestseller today. I highly recommend it for those who are courageous enough to have their thoughts and ideologies challenged.

Favourite tweeter… Sean Gardner @2morrowknight - Because he is always sharing the most interesting and inspiring content from all walks of lives and for continuing to help me discover new business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, that I would otherwise never know about.

Favourite instagrammer… @XmasJulyFest - For keeping me up-to-date on the most awesome gifts for every category.

Social media allowed me to meet... Some pretty awesome people like some of our Millennial 20/20 speakers such as Becky Taylor (PepsiCo), Pep Torres (Museum of Ideas and Inventions) and a host of other inspiring speakers.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Daily Brief by Quartz - This gives a good overview of what's going on each day.

Pet hate about life online... Having to witness the onslaught of online bullying, particularly amongst the younger generation. Social media is a powerful tool and shouldn’t be used in a harmful manner.

Stand out online memory... Seeing a girl from a charity that I support, Ashraya Initiative, dedicated to street children in India, launch her own online crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was created to empower underprivileged women in more distant villages to understand the importance of education and the opportunities that are now available to women.

iPhone or Android? I’m a life long Apple fan so I would have to always choose iPhone over Android. There’s something about the interface that I just find more intuitive than Android products.

May 2017