Rosie Lovell is a much-loved foodie. She has published two (utterly brilliant) recipe books ‘Spooning with Rosie’ and ‘Supper with Rosie’, runs a café, is a TV presenter and hosts monthly supper clubs.

Rosie Lovell has just launched her first podcast, FOOD DISCLOSURE where she chats, shares stories, food likes or dislikes with well-travelled interesting people. It’s a half hour of kitchen-table style nattering with the likes of top ranking broadcaster, Cherry Healey, DJ Luke Howard or feminist and gender journalist Sophie Wilkinson. This week, Rosie talks about how avocados and babies flood her Instagram feed and when Will Young made her day.

My favourite website… currently I am loving The Pool - The articles are well written, especially anything by Laura Craik, who is laugh-out-loud funny. I also love the fact that they write about substantial stuff, not just fluffy stuff for girls. But it's all interwoven so you get to indulge in make-up and current affairs, plus food and lifestyle to boot.

My favourite app… I've just downloaded Depop to try and sell some clobber and also hunt down the perfect vintage black leather skirt. However, I think that my most used app is definitely Instagram! I am addicted and find myself looking at the stories for no good reason and wasting so much time. But there is something fascinating about the whole thing. It's like itching a scratch.

My blog of choice… Helen Graves who is a Peckham old-timer by now. She writes about great places and posts really enticing recipes, and I suppose I like it double because she often references our neighbourhood and all the great food on offer. She's also published a BBQ magazine and generally seems very prolific and hard working, which I like.

My internet hero… Lily Jones aka Lily Vanilli - She's an amazing cake baker with such a beautiful way of decorating cakes, always steeped in nature. And she has legs up to her armpits. I'm not sure if she started online, but I love her online presence.

My most recent buy online… God! Some Simplehuman bin liners - That's the state of life with two children and a kitchen that clearly produces too much waste.

Book just downloaded/ read... I just finished Sara Pascoe's book ‘Animal: The Autobiography of a Human Body’ - It's a modern feminist paradigm and I loved it, though it did take me about two months to actually finish it as I tend to fall asleep at 9.17 p.m most nights. I thoroughly recommend it and there are some amazing statistics in it.

Favourite tweeter… I don't do twitter much anymore. I find it a bit clunky so tend to just go on from time to time to reply to stuff.

Favourite instagrammer… I follow a lot of photographers and stylists but also just my friends, so my feed is pretty clogged up with avocados and babies. However, is a friend of mine who has launched an amazing clothing label. All his instagrams are really funny, tongue-in-cheek but also beautifully shot.

Social media allowed me to meet… I'm hoping Will Young. See below.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Crumbs, I think I delete most of them. We have a newsletter for the cafe though so sign up and then you can delete it too!

Pet hate about life online… How much time I spend on it when I should be doing something more constructive and less voyeuristic. And probably how deceptive it can be. I'm not of the 'share-all' mentality, so tend not to post the negative stuff or spilt milk. Because of that, I think my social media can be a bit misleading. And I'm sure there are lots of people I follow too, perhaps sometimes with a little envy, and it's just the same for them. So it can put a lot of pressure on how you frame your life and indeed present yourself.

Stand out online memory... Will Young mentioning me not once but twice on his AMAZING podcast Homo Sapiens. I emailed in and he read out my mail, just as I was dozing off to sleep listening to it. Such a shock and totally thrilling. I'm a fan-girl and I've asked him to be a guest on my podcast, so fingers crossed.

December 2017