Rosie Lovell, the next generation Nigella, chooses her favourite sites.

Rosie Lovell has been earmarked as the 'Nigella for the next generation.' Sassy, sexy and savvy, and with her finger firmly on the food pulse, Rosie is the fresh new face of city cooking. Rosie is a passionate, energetic young cook who five years ago opened up a thriving deli in Brixton market and has now published her first book 'Spooning with Rosie'. Rosie's Deli ( can be found at 14e Market Row, Brixton Market, SW9 8LD


Top Table - I've used this website a lot for bargain restaurant bookings. It's a great way of trying the places that you always hear about but can't afford normally. We had a great dinner at Saka No Hana, and learnt loads about sophistocated Sushi for half the price, but they also list the small places that you might not have heard of, little Vietnamese canteens and places for a good breakfast.

Salad Club - I love this blog. I'm biased because Rosie and Ellie are my friends, but everything they do is beautiful. It's a real inspiration to see how they photograph food and their relaxed style of writing reminds me that there are other people like me out there!

Thesaurus - My writing sessions would not be complete without a thesaurus. When I'm getting bored with the sound of my own voice, I always turn to this website to make things feel fresh again. And it's a good way of doing some work on yourself too. I'm always learning stuff when I get on here. Self improvement is something I wish I did more of and a one's vocabulary is a good place to start.

Argos - I'm obsessed with Argos. It's a bit odd, but I do love a bargain, and they always have great stuff that you wouldn't expect. I've bought cameras, garden stuff, kitchen tools, and all the daily life fodder like blank cds and storage. They let you search, and also check whether your local branch has your product in stock. Who would be without Argos? Especially now that Woolworths has gone.

iPlayer - One of life's treats is curling up in bed and catching up on EastEnders. The best place to find this is BBC iplayer. It means you never have to turn down an party invitation, because you can always watch again - pure liberation. 

Nigel Slater - The most stylish man in food, Nigel Slater is an aesthetic overlord. His recipes aren't bad either! I have always loved this man and find everything about him refreshing. His website is like his style: simple and good.


“Meet Rosie. Queen of the new café society. She’s a comfort cook who hangs out with musicians in her Brixton deli and knows a mean hangover cure… a Nigella for the next generation”  Eva Wiseman. The Observer.

13 July 2010