Rebecca Hallett, host for the travel podcast, The Rough Guide to Everywhere, shows us around her web.

After a degree spent mostly online or on ill-advised budget weekend trips (all an attempt to delay learning Japanese verb conjugations), Rebecca Hallett landed her dream job at Rough Guides. Already in love with the witty, opinionated tone of the books, she soon fell for, too, and started writing articles as soon as she was allowed to.

A few years later, she started co-hosting the podcast, The Rough Guide to Everywhere, alongside continued work for the books and website. Other than travel, writing and podcasts she's interested in gender and sexuality, vintage fashion and cooking.

My favourite website…, of course! - Though if I'm not on there, you'll probably find me on Tofugu, looking for ways to improve my very rusty Japanese and getting distracted by all the cultural pieces instead.

My favourite app… probably YouTube - I'm a bit addicted – phone, laptop, wherever.

My blog of choice… Spoon & Tamago - I can get lost on there for hours, reading about gorgeous Japanese design and creating a mental itinerary for my next visit.

My internet hero… Jessica Kellgren-Fozard - Her YouTube channel description reads, "Adding vintage fabulousness to a life with disabilities and chronic illnesses, aided by my beautiful wife Claudia and our adorable pups", and that about sums it up! She's got a lot of new subscribers over the last year or so, and has risen magnificently to the challenge – I love her new scrapbook-style travel vlogs, in particular.

My favourite podcasts... Too numerous to list! A few in my queue right now are By the Book, Gastropod, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Imaginary Advice, Love Food and Gossip. Phew!

My most recent buy online was… probably something boring, like pen refills. Sorry! But I did recently get a gorgeous dress and a pair of jeans (which comprise half of my trouser collection – I'm all about dresses) from Collectif.

Book just downloaded/read... I've always got a few on the go, but I recently (finally) read Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson and cannot stop telling people weird facts about overbites and turnspit dogs and Victorian ice-cream makers. It's probably annoying for them, but hey, they'll learn something.

Favourite tweeter… Honestly, I'm not on Twitter. I know, I know! Though as an editor, I have to show respect for @StealthMountain. Fighting the good, pedantic fight.

Favourite instagrammer… As well as the aforementioned Jessica Kellgren-Fozard (@jessicaoutofthecloset), and aside from my IRL friends and acquaintances, I get a lot of joy from @glographics, @bodyposipanda and @paintings.daily.

Social media allowed me to meet… No one in person, I usually go the other way round! So old-fashioned, I know.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… probably Clue – They're doing great stuff, and I always learn something new.

Pet hate about life online… Social media, or at least how shocked people seem to be by my disinterest in it. I know it entertains and connects people, helps create new communities and genres, etc etc... but I just can't find it interesting. Sorry! I like Instagram, will that do?

Stand out online memory... Probably when the first episode of The Rough Guide to Everywhere Season Three, went up. A recent memory, but a very happy one! It's such a joy to be involved in a medium I love, and delving into topics I think are really worth talking about.

August 2018