Philipp Kauffmann, founder CEO of Original Beans, a chocolate and conservation company, picks his favourite sites.

Philipp Kauffmann is founder CEO of Original Beans, a chocolate and conservation company described by Business Week as 'making the world better through chocolate.' Philipp follows the motto of his forefather, Georg Ludwig Hartig, who helped to coin the term 'sustainability' when in 1791 he wrote that "any wise forest management must use the forest in such a way that generations thereafter can draw at least as much advantage from it as the presently living generation has."

In the 1990s, Philipp founded one of the first independent telecom companies in the Benelux and, an internet portal for volunteers in development. As conservationist, he has worked for WWF on eco-regional conservation and has managed an investment portfolio of biodiversity companies at UNDP in New York. He has concrete reforestation experience as initiator of the world's first saltwater forest in the deserted delta of the Colorado River.

Original Beans has a new 'library' of 4 organic chocolate bars, The Story of Cacao in Four Bars, with each telling a story of its origin and is the finest quality chocolate made from cacao harvested from sustainable forests within South American and Africa (DRC - East Congo).

PHILIPP'S FAVOURITE SITES - Whenever I need inspiration on the path of growing an authentically environmental company, I visit They have done it, they practise it, and they celebrate it. Most of all, speaks as much about nature as it does about product. Nature provides it all, so let's make sure we pay true tribute. It is difficult to overstate the uniqueness of Patagonia's approach and achievement.

Audible - I'm a frequent traveller and do long commute hours. I have a 'giant' appetite for books; I became one of's first customers. Find your book in the limitless library of Audible's audio publications, plug-in your MP3 player, and download directly to go and listen. An additional feature of particular charm are those many books read by their authors. I find that I can remember an audio book more vividly than a printed book.

Grist - Environmental news can be so depressing. At Grist, you get a fantastic news update but delivered with a smile! Grist's news from the eco-side range from global headlines to the simple tips and tricks that make your daily life a bit greener. Last week's 'Ask Umbra's' section offers wisdom on the following eco-dilemma: Can I recycle my Corona bottle with the lime wedges still in it?

Lanting - Frans Lanting is one of the best and most recognised nature photographers of this era in which he brings us the final portraits of vanishing species from the wild. Frans' mission is to use photography to help create leverage for conservation efforts ranging from local initiatives to global campaigns. His expressions are of sheer beauty, poetry and adventure.

Natoora - What would it be like if you could shop the very best fresh groceries online? It would be invaluable … that is, if you could trust the grocer to actually deliver the very best products, not just 'hoodwink' the customer with the nice images on a website that bear little reflection on the delivered goods. Natoora is an online grocer and delivers in every respect - but works like a very fine corner grocer. It is a wonderful example of food shopping in the digital age!

9 October 2012