Pat Reeves and Rohan Blacker, co-founders of, shares their favourite sites.

Knowing little about the internet, Rohan Blacker and Pat Reeves set up online retailer in 2006. People told them they were mad to sell sofas online, and to buy the domain name '' they had to spend $200,000 and chase a crook across America with a suitcase of cash. Four years later they’ve proved the doubters very wrong and the crook is behind bars. has a simple proposition - to provide high quality sofas at half the price of the high street, with friendly customer service at the heart of the business and a no quibbles full return policy.


Movember - What’s not to like about a site that promotes the campaign to get men around the world growing moustaches for charity in the month of November? Brilliant, funny and in aid of great charitable causes. 

Last FM - We’re always debating the right music to play in our Chelsea showroom. Pat might choose James Brown or something mainstream, I might choose 30’s jazz and, if no one else is around, country and western. We still haven’t cracked the ‘what music sells a sofa?’ conundrum, but last FM goes some way to mediating our music differences by suggesting things we might both like. Or not. - This is one of Pat’s picks. He’s been known to spend some of his hard-earned cash on fast cars, but mostly you’ll see him on a battered old bike or his favourite, a vintage mini.
Steve’s Leaves - This is a bunch of farmers who grow fantastic, tasty salads and leaves, but who do so with nature friendly farming. Building special habitats on their farms, the farmers encourage bees, hawks, bats and butterflies to improve biodiversity. We both love food, salad is good for us, and eating Steve’s Leaves is good for the British countryside. Win. - This is another one of Pat’s favourites. When not selling sofas, he is an obsessive skier and checks this worldwide snow forecast website like other men check sports results.

27 September 2010