Great British Chefs is themission GWG Website of the Year 2018; we caught up with the CEO and co-founder to talk about his favourite sites, apps and podcasts.

The winner of the 2018 Website of the Year Award is Great British Chefs, a go-to online destination for foodies that caught the imagination of our judging panel. Great British Chefs is a (really most brilliant) food multimedia company that provides recipes, videos and cooking guides while always championing the best chefs in the country. The site started with an app and a Facebook page in 2010, and has expanded to become a very popular digital publisher for the passionate foodie. It is the fastest growing food website in the UK and has a community of one million like-minded foodies.

With good reason, CEO and co-founder, Ollie Lloyd was super happy to scoop the prestigious 2018 Website of the Year Award. ‘It is exciting to win this award because it is great to be recognised,’ he says. ‘Our team are very focused on delivering a great digital experience for our community of foodies and our brand partners and it is great that industry experts see the quality of their work.’ Great British Chefs also won the Food category and the Social Media category. As a digital publisher, Ollie knows the most interesting apps, podcasts and sites. Here, he shares his favourites.

My favourite website… The Guardian - Journalists are being treated appallingly at present and the whole concept of fake news is abhorrent to me. The team are doing a great job at monetising their content and innovating at the same time. I think their work in VR is particularly impressive. If you haven't, you should! See Sea Prayer, an Experience of Autism or Celestial Motion.

My favourite app is… Fitbit - I love being able to see how much I have slept at night (not enough) and how much I have exercised (not enough). I think it does a great job of trying to help make me live a healthy lifestyle.

My blog of choice… FiveThirtyEight - I have followed Nate Silver since the 2008 US election and think he is a data wizard. I wish we could have more data journalism like this in the UK.

My internet hero is… Tim Berners Lee - Can there be anyone else?

My favourite podcasts… This American Life and Radiolab. The podcast I do on the world of food, Food Talk, with Sue Nelson is pretty good too and it is great fun to do!

My most recent buy online... A membership to Tortoise, the new news service via a Kickstarter.

Book just downloaded/ read… I have two children aged 5 (Idris) and 2 (Amaya) so I spend most of my time reading children's books and making up weird stories about fictitious animals called things like Fast Swimmer who is crazy! Toto the Ninja Cat by Dermot O’Leary is the current read and I am enjoying it.

Favourite tweeter and Instagrammer - Clearly GBChefs - we won the award last night for best use of social media after all!

Social media allowed me to meet… An amazing number of chefs and foodies around the world. We are really lucky at Great British Chefs as we are connected to the finest culinary minds out there and they are an inspiring group. It helps us stay on trend and keep our community of over 1.5 million foodies inspired.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… The ModernHouse Company - I studied art history at university and love modern architecture and design. It is incredible to see what people have done with their houses.

Pet hate about life online… That the best experiences in life are lived in the real world. I love food, art, events and spending time with the people who matter to me. All of us need to find ways to make online enrich our lives rather than dominate them. Easier said than done!

Stand out online memory… Bidding for the Shepard Fairey posters for Hope and Vote in December 2007 on eBay. I was with my wife-to-be in a Shoreditch bar and we had never done anything like that before. They hang in our house today and remind me how complex life is and how it is full of ups and downs, whoever you are!

14 November 2018