The UK Country Manager for Nextdoor, the free and private social network for neighbourhoods, talks about his favourite podcasts, apps and Instagram.

Nick Lisher is a wizard when it comes to managing online communities; he was part of the launch team at successful UK dating site, then joined as Marketing Director, before becoming Chief Marketing Officer for Massive Media and later Chief Marketing Officer for Depop, a fast-growing social shopping app. He is now the UK Country Manager for Nextdoor, the free and private social network for neighbourhoods. Nick kindly agreed to be on the judging panel for themission GWG Awards this year.

Today, he shares his favourite podcasts and his honest take on Instagram.

My favourite website… Nextdoor - Not only as a Country Manager but also as a user. I've used it to sell stuff, to borrow tools, to help people in my neighbourhood and to generally get to know my neighbours. I'm also a huge Reddit fan, as I feel like it is the last bastion of popular consumer internet, alongside Nextdoor, that hasn't been hipster-ised.

My favourite app… Streaks - I love it as a way to gamify daily wellness, but I also spend far too much time checking Fitbit and Strava. I'm really not as healthy as these choices suggest. Pocket and Nuzzel would have been my answer last year as a great way to streamline my morning reading on the train, but I'm concerned that whilst these apps are great, they have pushed me too far down my liberal, snowflake echo chamber.

My blog of choice… AVC.

My internet hero… Jan - Jan is a Nextdoor user from Nuneaton who used our platform to create a friendship group for people suffering from isolation in her neighbourhood. You can watch Jan's story here.

My favourite podcasts... The Axe Files, Guardian Politics,Lovett or Leave It, Test Match Special, Guardian Football, The News Quiz, Masters of Scale, More or Less, Adam Buxton Podcast, The Turnaround, too many to mention! I walk a lot and listen to podcasts.

My most recent buy online… October by China Miéville.

Favourite tweeter… I think Caroline Lucas is one of the few politicians who engages on Twitter in a way that is both authentic and engaging. She's fearless.

Favourite Instagrammer… To be honest, as an out of touch Gen X-er, I only really follow my friends and favourite local businesses on Instagram. As a medium, I think Instagram favours aesthetically pleasing content over the brave, the humorous, and the worthy. I like cool-looking stuff too, but I wish someone would take to some serious issues to Instagram, in a way that is more than simply acknowledgement.

Social media allowed me to meet… I was lucky enough to work on a message forum for MTV2 in the early 00s that allowed a now married couple to meet. I then worked on two dating websites that provided that service for thousands of people all over the world.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Popbitch - It was fantastic back in the day.

Pet hate about life online… This is going to sound ultra-worthy, but "Life online" shouldn't be a thing anymore. I regularly put away my phone for long periods during the evenings and weekends to live "life offline".

Stand out online memory… Mark Hamill liked one of my tweets!

November 2018