The co-founder of the ethical luxury fashion label, Beulah London, talks about online shopping, the power of social media and keeping terrible twos' tantrums under control.

Natasha Finch, co-founder of fashion line Beulah London, knows only too well the power of social media and online shopping. When somebody famous is pictured wearing one of her dresses, it sparks an online frenzy that sometimes can be hard to manage. Her stunning dresses are worn by the likes of the Middleton sisters, Livia Firth, Cressida Bonas and Donna Air.

This is only good news for the charities that this fashion line supports, as publicity equals sales. Beulah was born out of an experience she and Lavinia Brennan had whilst volunteering in the slums of Delhi. Having witnessed the horrors of human trafficking first hand, it motivated them to make a difference to the lives of these women and raise awareness of the effects of modern slavery. The silks in the new Beulah London SS17 collection have been screen-printed by a charity called Women’s Interlink Foundation, based in Kolkat, in association with Key To Freedom. This work helps to give the former victims of trafficking a sustainable livelihood. Some of the dresses are now also available in children sizes. Natasha lives in West London with her husband Rupert, two-year-old daughter Georgia and baby, Cienna.

My favourite website... Far Fetch - A global luxury fashion online platform. They have great young brands with a mix of great editorial, content and styling ideas. I can find myself browsing for hours. Also, I obviously love my site that we designed earlier this year. I love the layout of the product pages and the blog in particular, as it’s a mix of fashion and promoting social justice.

My favourite app... Netflix - It can sort out a terrible twos tantrum in a matter of minutes. I also love Le Salon app as you can book manicures and pedicures to your door, which is perfect for me as a working mum and always rushing from work back home. A friend introduced me recently and I am now a little obsessed!

My blog of choice... My Baba - I’ve recently discovered this blog advising mums on best products, and top tips on babies.

My internet hero... Natalie Massenet - I’m in awe of Natalie and how she so successfully built Net-A-Porter. She was the pioneer of online luxury fashion and she proved everyone wrong when they thought it was a mad idea and no one would buy expensive clothing online.

My most recent buy online... a double buggy from iCandy - It’s the best buggy out there and my toddler loves sitting in it with her little sister.

Book just downloaded/ read… I’ve just bought Liz Earle's ‘The Good Gut Guide’, in an attempt to get healthy. I have tried a couple of recipes, which are super healthy.

Favourite tweeter… David Walliams - Just because he’s random and makes me laugh.

Favourite instagrammer… I love following my sister Sybilla (Hart) , who lives in Essex with her husband and four children (and dog, cats and chickens). She’s got a mad sense of humour and I love seeing what my nieces and nephews are getting up to.

Social media allowed me to meet… Kate Bosworth - I contacted her via instagram about Beulah and the social mission, as anti-trafficking is a cause she is passionate about. She messaged me back wanting to know more. She has since requested a few Beulah pieces, so fingers crossed she wears them!

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… I love Sheerluxe - It gives me inspiration for every day style/outfits. I get emails once or twice a week and I find myself scrolling through the website and buying, which is probably not such a good thing!

Pet hate about life online… I never seem to switch off and checking emails is addictive. The day after I gave birth I was back online checking emails and asking the girls for updates (I think I’m bit of a control freak!)

Stand out online memory… Holly Willoughby wore one of our dresses earlier this year, and due to the high number of people visiting our website, it crashed for six hours! A further thirty other websites also crashed on the same server that day. It was crazy, but it shows the power of celebrity and influencers on brands like ours.

iPhone or Android? iPhone… I love my iPhone 6 plus, mostly because it takes great photos.

July 2017

Image Credit: Millie Pilkington