An autumnal round-up of our editor’s favourite things right now.

From cosy quilts to Venetian shoes: these are the autumn/winter hits on Nancy’s radar.

Dress Up

I’m slightly obsessed with this Clover Dress in Black Velvet by Meadows. I love the lovely square neckline, the plush velvet and that you can dress it up or down. A classic beauty. £245. Shop it here.

Wrap Up

As the cold weather beds in, there’s nothing I want to throw on more than this Dream Jacket by Sideline. £259. Shop it here.


This Peace Quilt is warm, textural and, in short, an autumnal dream. I’m longing to pile the matching cushions high and curl up with a good book. £300. Buy it here.

Meadow Sweet

Florals aren’t just for summer. I love Ganni’s warm pink skirt. Paired with lace-up ankle boots, it’s the ideal thing for winter parties should they prove to be a thing this year. £175. Buy it here.

On My Nightstand

The Berlin Shadow by Jonathan Lichtenstein. A moving memoir about Lichtenstein’s journey to Berlin with his father, Hans, as they retrace in reverse his escape to Wales on the Kindertransport and, in the process, try to heal their fractured relationship. Buy it here.

Slip on

No one makes footwear like the Italians. This pair of Venetian red gym shoes are just joyful. €194. Buy them here.

On The Box

I’m late to this, but at two episodes in to The White Lotus, I can vouch for the fact that it really is as good as everyone says. Set at an uber-luxe spa hotel in Hawaii, the caprices of the cast of ultra-rich guests are starkly juxtaposed with the lives of the staff, who must peddle ever harder against the current to cater to their whims. All the while, there is a pervading sense that something here is deeply amiss – a fact signposted from the outset with a flashforward at Hawaii airport in which a newlywed guest watches the luggage handlers transport cargo labelled as ‘human remains’. There’s serious trouble brewing in paradise. Watch it here.


I have always fancied a stay at Batty Langley’s in Spitalfields. Next door to the theatrical Dennis Severs’ house, it is dark, cossetting and almost as eccentric as its neighour. Book it here.

Dream House

This property on Fishpool Street in St Albans is exquisite. It has character, elegant proportions, warmth and the most heavenly garden – I would happily move right in without altering a thing. Details through The Modern House.

Go See

I love the Soane Museum. The former house of architect Sir John Soane, stepping inside is like entering an unexpected world of enchantment, its ingenious spaces populated with classical busts and a wonderful collection of Hogarth paintings, among many treasures. Be sure to visit the current exhibition of the work of contemporary artist, Pablo Bronstein, whose series of large-scale watercolours take visitors on a tour of hell. And why on earth not, we ask? Find details here.

On The Wall

As the weather enters its drabber phase, I feel the urge to cheer up my walls with colour. This print, titled Lotte’s World, by Natalia Bagniewska, will do the job nicely £60. Buy it here.

By Nancy Alsop
October 2021

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