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Dr Kris Naudts is a Belgian psychiatrist who followed his passion for books and culture and founded The Culture Trip. The one-stop website showcases the best of art, culture and travel for every single country in the world. It has a particular focus on Asia and other emerging markets. The site has sections for every country, including a book and film store organized by country and by genre. For example, if you are interested in Japanese cuisine, just go to the Japan section, scroll down to the Japan store and you can choose from a range of recommended books on Japanese food. Similarly, if you’re after a book or film set in e.g. China, just click on Asia/China in the navigation bar, scroll down and presto. The site has an extremely fast-growing and loyal audience in more than 200 countries. 

My Favourite Website... I’m sorry, but this obviously has got to be theculturetrip.com. I turned my passion and interests into my day job so that seems only natural. Other than that, I do look at the BBC News, New York Times, France 24 and Dezeen sites pretty much every day and, of course, like everyone else with teenage children… I see a lot of Facebook and Skype these days.

My Favourite App... Somebody recently coined the idea that apps will kill the internet. The argument being that the floods of information the internet swamps you with is unsustainable and that people will retreat behind a wall of chosen apps that they can access off-line. I’m not sure but it’s an interesting idea. One app I do regularly use is the Hong Kong Art Centre’s one, which gives me updates on the local art scene like no other.

My Favourite Blog... Onfoodandwine.com Going back to see my family or friends in Belgium invariably involves food+wine and the above is a great resource for the Brussels scene.

My Most Recent Buy Online... I still buy far too many books and films, both physical and digital. My library is, just like theculturetrip.com, organized by country and many a visitor to our house has been pulled away from the conversation to sample books or films about countries less familiar. I recently bought and read a fair bit of non-fiction: Jews and Words by Amos Oz is a wonderful and insightful book and also Rana Mitter’s China’s War with Japan, which I recommend very strongly as it informs one’s understanding of the current political situation in Asia in a new and profound way.

My Favourite Tweeter... Jeremy Bowen, the BBC Middle East Editor. I lived in the Middle East for a short period and his tweets keep me abreast of what’s going on. What happens in the Middle East today seems more relevant than ever. 

My Pet Hate About Life Online... A largely self-inflicted sense of being ‘on’ at all times. Running an online company with a global audience is great but it also prevents me from switching off and being online solely for leisure. However, my love for the internet simply dwarfs any negative sentiments I may have now and then.

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... Numerous people of the global start-up scene. Could there be a more accessible, flexible, easy-going, interesting, novelty-seeking crowd?

My Stand Out Online Memory... This has got to be going live with our beta-site and seeing people (via Google Analytics) logging on from about 40 countries within 24 hours. I was utterly transfixed! 

Most Worthwhile Mailer Subscribed To...  I religiously read The Economist’s weekly updates. Some people call it a geeky affliction but I just love it.

September 2013.