The textile designer best known for her block printed wallpapers and fabrics shows us around her online world.

‘We believe that every home should be a colourful reflection of its inhabitants,’ says Molly Mahon, the textile designer best known for her block printed wallpapers and fabrics. Molly’s designs are inspired by her surroundings, both at home in Sussex and on her travels in India where she works with artisan craftspeople. With her love of the English home always in her mind, she creates pieces to enhance our homes and make people smile.

2018 is an exciting year for Molly who will host Art of Block Printing Workshops at Daylesford in Kingham, Gloucestershire and the Aesme Flower workshop in Shepherd’s Bush. She is also launching new colour ways with her current collections and a new line of linens hand block printed in Jaipur. ‘This is really exciting as they are designs I’ve been working on for a while now and I am bursting to share them with everyone,’ she says. Here, Molly shares her favourite podcasts, the app that prints her iPhone photos like Polaroids and comparing real life to that on social media.

My favourite website… - Gloria Gonzalez is really passionate about interiors and has a really good eye. She finds all the good stuff and puts it into one place on her website. I love her ‘In Conversation’ section and she has an inspiring Instagram feed too.

My favourite app… Print studio - I use this to print my iPhone photographs so that they arrive looking like polaroids.

My blog of choice… Journal by Lulu Lytle of Soane - I love everything that Soane does and we share a love of Camels!

My internet heroes… Kevin Systrom and Mike Frieger, who invented Instagram - I didn’t really get or enjoy Twitter or Facebook, but as soon as I found Instagram, I felt excited and had a clear understanding of how to use it. It has connected me to a vast pool of people that I never would have reached from my cottage in Sussex and opened doors to worldwide sales. For that I have to be grateful!

My favourite podcasts... Desert Island Discs - Especially if I have a long journey – I listen to one after the other from the Archives.

My most recent buy online… A beautiful white khadi cotton shirt< from Toast

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘The Folded Clock’ by Heidi Julavits - A brilliant diarised observation of her daily life and the current world we live in. As a 40-something working mother, I really got what she said and how she phrased things. It was a very reassuring, poignant and funny read.

Favourite tweeter… I have never been on Twitter.

Favourite instagrammer… @firmdale_hotels - I love the way Kit Kemp uses colour and pattern and they have used our fabrics so we just love them! @anna_spiro_textiles - Anna is a designer, shop owner, book writer and textile designer in Australia. She is a total inspiration. I also love seeing what my family @hennytate, @veryan66,and @emmalewisphotographer are up to and they are all very creative.

Social media allowed me to meet… @lou_gardiner_embroidery - Well, we haven’t met face to face, but we’ve met on Instagram and now plan to meet in person. Her Cloak of Empowerment is insane and finding her account filled my heart with joy! Check out her cloak, the detail, colour and love that has gone into it is incredible.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… from Toast - I adore their newsletters; I love their style, their design and their product.

Pet hate about life online… When things aren’t going so well and yet everyone else seems to be having the most marvellous time, in the most marvellous places. I think we have to be very careful not to cloud our minds that life is always wonderful out there.

Stand out online memory… When I painted my fireplace, Bloomsbury style (ie. lots of colours and patterns) and then posted an image on Instagram. It was seen and liked by quite a few designers that I admire. That made me feel really chuffed and not so worried that I might have ruined it.

January 2018