Melissa Littler, Marketing and PR Director of BrandAlley UK, shares her favourite sites.

Melissa Littler, Marketing and PR Director of BrandAlley UK, was instrumental in launching BrandAlley into the UK, bringing the British consumer a new way of shopping online. As head of Marketing and PR, Melissa has recruited over 2.8 million members to the site, establishing it as market leader in private sales selling fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle products at up to 70% off.

Melissa has led her team to win several key industry awards for BrandAlley marketing campaigns and was recently named Online Retailer of the Year at the Everywoman Retail Awards.


The White Company - I feel cool when I browse this site. Not in a trendy way but in a calm 'if only my life was like this' way. Sophisticated yet homey homeware, stylish yet comfy clothing. Wrap me up and indulge me this Christmas White Company, please.

Tiffany - One of the most beautiful (or should I say romantic) sites in the world. It has managed to capture its usp so well, the essence of being in love. It's natural, non commercial and original (which is tricky nowadays) and feels a completely natural fit for the brand. It allows you to explore, and get involved. Before you know it, you have read pages of the site and feel inspired to try harder!

Spotify - It's simple, it's fun and you can spend ages exploring music you haven't heard before. Simple to share and a fantastic user experience.

Foodily - This is a new one that I've been recommended (still in beta testing so look out for it) but it's like a Pinterest for food. It's a great way to explore, share and save. Rich in content from all over the world; it offers real inspiration and variety.

Discover The World of Hermes - I've never bought from Hermes, can't afford to, but this site is gorgeous with a capital G. Its use of illustration is exquisite. The functionality takes you into a world of make-believe you never knew existed. Check it out, you'll be enchanted.

5 December 2012