The serial entrepreneur and founder of Hoop, the mobile app that helps families discover new things for their kids, shows us around his web.

Max Jennings is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over fifteen years experience growing popular online businesses.

Often struggling to find interesting things to do with his two young daughters, Max found himself regularly wading through parenting forums, local notice boards and websites looking for things do. Eager to solve an everyday problem millions of parents face, Max co-founded the mobile app Hoop in 2015 to help families discover new things their kids would love to do. Downloaded by over 400,000 parents in its first year, Hoop was selected by Apple as one of the 10 Best Apps of 2016.

Prior to Hoop, Max launched VoucherCodes, Europe's largest coupon business that helped millions of people shop and save at their favourite brands. Acquired in 2011 by Retailmenot Inc., VoucherCodes was voted the 7th Best Small Business to work for by the Sunday Times Magazine.

Away from work, you’ll find Max exploring London with his daughters, eating lots of Mexican food or watching movies (though not all at the same time). He’s also dreaming of the day his children sleep beyond 6 a.m.

My favourite website... - I check this American property website more than I should. For work, I still check Techmeme on a daily basis for a snapshot of what’s going on in the tech space.

My favourite app... Spotify - I’ve been using it for so long, so regularly, that I take too much of the incredible stuff they do for granted. Beyond their insane catalogue of music, their recommended playlists have set the benchmark for all other recommendation engines.

My blog of choice... - I almost get nostalgic for a simpler era of the web when I check up Jason Kottke’s blog now. Running since 1998, it follows pretty much the same template and style he set out almost twenty years ago. It’s a personally curated daily dose of the most interesting stuff out there on the web.

My internet heroes... The Google Guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. -- Their vision for the potential of the web and mobile remains unparalleled. They are still top of their game two decades later.

My most recent buy online... running glasses from District Vision.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘No is Not Enough’ by Naomi Klein.

Favourite tweeter... I’m embarrassed to say, I don’t use Twitter much.

My favourite instagrammer... @rockthatmuseumkid – This feed is full of fun and beautiful images of kids being inspired by awesome art.

Social media allowed me to meet... Interesting people all over the world.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Dave Pell’s Next Draft - It is a spot on, daily digest of the Internet of news.

Pet hate about life online... Too much of online is becoming reactive, we’re getting too good at architecting ways to capture people’s attention when people should probably be focussing on something else.

Stand out online memory... The first time I did a sale for my first web business, and seeing the connection between the web and the real world come together.

iPhone or Android? iPhone

July 2017