The Ladies of London star talks about the best parenting guide, the Insta feeds that make her giggle and when twitter trolls made her cry.

For the past year, Ladies of London star, Marissa Hermer has been quietly working on a new venture called Maverick Snacks, a no-nasties, junk-free snacking range for children that can be delivered to your door.

Marissa is no stranger to catering for the masses; she is married to restaurateur, Matt Hermer and together, they own and operate award-winning bars and restaurants (such as Bumpkin, The Draycott and Eclipse bars) in London and Europe.

Marissa is also the author of cookbook ‘An American Girl in London: 120 Nourishing Recipes For Your Family From a California Expat’. Marissa now lives in California with Matt and her three young children. Here, she talks about the best parenting guide, the Insta feeds that make her giggle and when twitter trolls made her cry.

My favourite websites… As a transatlantic transplant, twice over, I straddle,, For the latest and greatest for my littles, it is My Baba and for recipe inspiration, it is New York Times Cooking and Food 52.

My favourite apps… our ResyOS Restaurant reservations operating system - I’m addicted to checking the reservations of our restaurant, The Draycott and obsess about table placement for the dinner service for our guests, Waze to beat the traffic, Fwrd, Elyse Walker’s online shopping app for a California Cool uniform and Audible for listening to all the parenting books that I fall asleep when I read them.

My blog of choice… A Netflix a blog?

My internet hero… None of my heroes have an online presence (hmmmm… may be that says something!

My favourite podcasts… Pod Save America because I’m a concerned citizen and BevNET’s Taste Radio for updates in the food and snack world. I listen to How I Built This for entrepreneurial inspiration, Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations for soul fuel and Circle Round to keep my kids entertained in Los Angeles traffic.

My most recent buy online… Pre-ordering the Birkenstock x Marie-Louise Scio collaboration from Alex Eagle - As a California native, I love the comfort and nostalgia of Birkenstocks married with the chic sophistication of Il Pellicano. My husband hates my Birkenstocks, but I think I can get away with these ones…

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Siblings Without Rivalry’ by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish - People say there isn’t a guide to parenting, but if there were one, this would be it.

Favourite tweeter… I use Twitter mainly as a new source: BuzzFeed and POLITICO have good feeds.

Favourite instagrammer… @garyjanetti - For a giggle and @thehomeedit to satisfy my OCD tendencies.

Social media allowed me to meet… Social media does have it’s downfalls, but I love it for keeping up with friends and their milestone moments - I’ve ‘met’ several of my friends’ babies from afar! I’ve also been able to connect with fans from Ladies of London and visitors to The Draycott. I can’t be at every place at all times, but with social media, I can talk to our Londoners visiting Bumpkin restaurant and our Eclipse bars and when I’m not at The Draycott, I use the location search to see who is posting at The Draycott.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… The Skimm and Goop.

Pet hate about life online… Zero hates. I’ve created the world I’m in and have no regrets.

Stand out online memory… The first time a stranger trolled me on Twitter. I cried in the bathroom with my husband. And then we laughed at the absurdity of it all.

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March 2019