The founders of luxury parenthood brand, Marloe London, flick through their phones sharing their favourite podcasts, blogs and Instagram feeds.

New mothers Marina Sevier and Chloe Riddell set up luxury parenthood brand Marloe London, in 2015 selling personalised accessories to young mothers who wanted both style and practicality.

The site originally became best known for its organic cotton and bamboo hand-dyed muslins – in pretty ice cream and tie-dyed shades - that double up as swaddles, scarves and sarongs. More recently, the collection has expanded to include personalised family bags and hand polished keyrings.

Today Marina and Chloe flick through their phones to share, with you, humbling podcasts, witty blogs and the Instagram feeds that always make them laugh. Here goes…

Favourite website... It has to be BBC News – We rely on it to keep up to date with the world beyond West London. The website we spend most time on is Shopify, which is our e-commerce platform and connects all our sales, social media and analytics.

Favourite app… As busy mothers juggling children and a small business we conduct a lot of our work over Whatsapp. The depressing reality is that ParentMail also helps us keep on top of our children’s lives at school.

Blog of choice… Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan’s The Midult - A hilarious guide for middle aged modern women. They have just brought out a book ‘I’m Absolultely Fine!: A Manual for Imperfect Women’ which we can’t wait to read.

Internet heroes… Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, the founders of Netflix - For the ease of streaming films and entire series, from The Crown, Narcos and the old favourite, Blue Planet. After a busy day, it is such a pleasure to sit on the sofa and devour a few episodes of the latest addictive series.

Favourite podcasts... Rather old fashioned but we love Desert Island Discs. Our favourites have been Sheryl Sandberg, Emma Thompson and Bill Gates. People are what make our own lives and it is always fascinating and often humbling to hear about the lives of others, particularly those that inspire you.

Most recent buy online… On the more glamorous side, a Rixo London dress from Net-a-Porter. I love their prints and always like supporting a fellow London brand. The day-to-day reality is more aligned to Ocado or Amazon Prime… anything from bumper packs of Water Wipes or swimming goggles.

Book just downloaded/ read… Red Notice by Bill Browder - It reads like a thriller but is a real story about Russia today and the Magnitsky Act on human rights. Perhaps this is a sign of getting older but we find that reality is often so unbelievable and extraordinary that it can be more gripping than fiction.

Favourite tweeter… James Blunt – He is witty, self deprecating and stands up to trolls. Also it is hard not to want to see the latest Donald Trump tweet. One has to pinch yourself.

Favourite instagrammer… @Father_of_Daughters – It’s always nice to hear the male perspective on parenting and he genuinely makes us laugh daily documenting the highs and lows of being a father to four girls.

Social media allowed us to meet… The inspiring mothers and friends behind like-minded brands such as Dotty Dungarees, Bumble & Ava and Elfie London.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… From a business perspective, Pascal Finette’s weekly insights in The Heretic provide bitesize lessons on entrepreneurship and startups. He is very honest about the mistakes that he and others have made, which is refreshing and insightful.

Pet hate about life online… Although Instagram is an amazing marketing tool for a small business and we love seeing what friends and family are up to, it is also ultimately depressing how much we all sit glued to our feeds instead of engaging in actual life. Nothing beats offline time with the family. It is no coincidence that the more money people have made out of tech, for example Bill Gates, the more they seem to shield their families from its effects.

Stand out online memory… We love things like the ice bucket challenge and things that promote awareness for a good cause online. Over 100million dollars was raised for charity.

October 2018