The founder and Creative Director of the homeware and bedding brand talks about electric bikes, her favourite podcast and the app that keeps her organised.

Lulu Watts is the founder and Creative Director of Lulu & Nat, a homeware and bedding brand adored for its bold iconic prints inspired by the Indian Sub-continent.

Lulu originally trained as a fashion designer. Before turning her hand to boho bedding, Lulu designed several successful clothing collections for Liberty, Benetton and The White Company.

Then ten years ago, whilst living in Mumbai, Lulu set up her own business and so Lulu & Nat was born. Inspired by the vivid colourful printed textiles, she saw an opportunity in the market for high quality cotton bedding with timeless design for the whole family. Her mantra is ‘Driven by colour, Inspired by India.’

She now lives in North London with husband Nathan and their two young girls, Eva and Zoe. She spends a lot of time travelling the sub-continent, meeting craftspeople and manufacturers. Next month, she is opening a Lulu & Nat Christmas Pop Up Shop at 90 Golborne Road, W10 5PS. It will be running throughout November & December.

Here, Lulu tells us about her new electric bike, the refreshing and brave podcast she listens to and the app that keeps her organised.

My favourite website… Net-A-Porter - I don’t shop fashion for myself that often as the kids seem to get first shout when it comes to clothing the family these days. When I do, the Net-A-Porter sales are my go-to place for nice brands and good prices. For the kids, well, they get Zara.

My favourite app… Instagram - I live here almost as much as in the real world. It’s such a great place for lifestyle brands. Google Keep is my new favourite for keeping organised and on top of things.

My blog of choice… Little Spree - This is a fantastic stylish blog for modern mothers and my go-to place for ideas and inspiration for myself and for the kids. It’s not too expensive but still very tasteful.

My internet hero… Tim Berners-Lee - The inventor of the World Wide Web. It’s so hard to imagine where we would be without it. Sometimes it gets a bad rap, but the benefits surely outweigh the negatives.

My favourite podcasts... How to Fail With Elizabeth Day - She was a school friend and has been a very successful journalist. She very honestly recalls some difficult times in her life. Her blog invites other well known people to speak out about personal challenges. It is so brave of her and her guests that they speak out in this way. It is so refreshing to hear.

My most recent buy online…My new Volt electric bike. I usually work from home, but until Christmas I’ll be running my pop-up shop in West London. I decided the bike would be a better option than the tube. We live at the top of Highgate Hill, so I thought a little extra power might come in handy.

Book just downloaded/ read... I’ve just finished ‘The Cows’ by Dawn O’Porter - It’s a series of modern tales about women and their extraordinary online experiences. It is a fun series of unexpected stories that I’d definitely recommend.

Favourite tweeter… With everything else going on, plus my obsession with Instagram, I don’t really have enough capacity to spend any time on Twitter. I tend to focus more of my time on visual social media, which tends to be more suited to my business.

Favourite instagrammer… @cerealmag - This beautifully curated magazine is as beautiful on Instagram as it is in print. Their travel focus transports you to the most amazing places, with such an iconic style of photography.

Social media allowed me to meet… My customers - As an online retailer we don’t have the benefit of meeting our customers over the counter. Social media is such a valuable place to hear from our supporters, to receive feedback and wonderful pictures of them or their children enjoying our products at home.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Good Earth - This is a wonderful interior decor retail brand from India producing beautiful hand-made products. Their look is Indian modern but with a real connection to their history.

Pet hate about life online… It is always on! We have rules such as no technology in the bedroom, but running an online business and social channels means it’s hard not to be on for the rest of the time.

Stand out online memory… Having Lulu & Nat and our home featured in the Guardian. We’d spent quite a bit of time renovating on a budget, so this was a lovely moment to see it captured and celebrated in this way. Our home is full of our products, so it was like a billboard for Lulu & Nat.

October 2018